Sunday, 29 November 2015

333 Faces of 365... almost there.

As you know I spent much of last week going through these faces.
I trimmed all the edges and painted the sides.
Pulled out the ones I'm considering framing and block mounting.
It's pretty exciting!

333Faces done and one month and 1 day and 32faces left to go!

Bring on December!

Road Tripping to Whale Country...

I've been trying to get out to Hermanus (Whale Country) all year to visit Annie Hamman but gaps haven't been forthcoming and for me to block book out a chunk of time with my schedule, the girl's schedule and Digz' away schedule this year, hasn't proved easy. 

Getting out of Cape Town on a Friday is no easy feat, so I got there a little later than expected and we didn't want to waste any time - we headed straight into the studio after a lovely Sushi Dinner, into the FullCircleClassroom to watch some inspirational tutorials by Misty and once again, completely inspired.

We painted self-portraits intuitively - not for face likeness but for emotive likeness.
We ended up working until around 1.30am.   Crawling into bed with happy hearts.

Still a WIP but I am completely inspired to finish her.

Always a gap for a selfie in my beautiful room.
Annie is a gracious host and I was completely spoilt.
Paint, Eat, Stories and a little sleep - repeat!

My little space in Annie's Studio.

We awoke on Saturday, had a big brekkie and after watching some of Annie's incredible tutorials for the various courses she's working on - our inspiration was there.  (She's working on LifeBook, Let's Face it and Soulful Art)
Check out her website for more details.

Both Annie and her hubby are wonderful film makers and editors in their own right.
We decided to do a collaborative piece and record it too.  We each drew up our own girl and started painting her.  Then we would swap over and put our own marks on each other's work.  Then when we were happy, we would swap back and finish our original side.

the draw up                            stage one                          the first swap

Filming in progress and Annie finishing up.

I called it done - I was exhausted.
We painted for almost 5 hours straight.  I don't think we realised how quickly the time passed.
And I don't think we realised the outcome until we stood back - I was astounded.
The journey was nothing short of extraordinary.

I never knew how I would ever feel about someone painting on my work but it was liberating.
Our objective - to develop our own individual unattachment to outcome.
FC, Annie's hubby asked if we wanted to kill each other in the end - but we really didn't.
We were so stoked and it was so inspiring and just WOW!
I didn't expect the outcome - but I was truly blown away.

In case you don't know my final side is the left and Annie, the right.

Annie will finish editing our video and will share it shortly.

Annie is a creative force and being in her studio was powerfully inspiring.
She's creative on every single level of her life - in her home, with her hubby and beautiful daughter and obviously in her studio.
And let me tell you - it's contagious.

After our shoot and long session of painting, I was exhausted.
Annie kindly let me sleep well into the evening. She was still up and about - I can't believe her strength.
When I arose Annie made me a Russian salad - it was divine.
We headed back into the studio. We chatted so much about art and artists all weekend, about teaching and art and life.
It was truly inspirational, then we watched one more of Misty's tutorials before bed.

We decided to tackle this exercise in the morning - I was just too exhausted.
Stabilo Pencil and white paint.  It was a simply beautiful way to end our weekend together.
I started packing my car and it was with a heavy heart, I said goodbye.

I didn't realise how much I needed this weekend and how much I needed the creative inspiration.
Getting me to work on 3 pieces...  Just WOW!

Check out Annie's Blog for the beautiful pieces she created this weekend.

Thank you Annie - I will never forget this time.
And thank you FC and beautiful little Tullulah for being so gracious with us. 

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Last Clay Play Date for the year...

I managed to get a cancellation sitting for one more session for this year.
Having these sessions this year has made me so incredibly happy!
Our classes are at a very old Catholic Convent School and the grounds are incredibly beautiful and peaceful.
I couldn't resist to stop and capture this bird sitting on the top of the cross.

Evolution of a Clay Plate

Delicate and soft
I chose a Cornflour Blue this time.
I think it will be stunning!

I'm besotted with Indian Hand-Carved Stamps
And there is a collection in this studio that takes my breath away every time.
They are decorative in their own right.

A beautiful creative evening with beautiful creative gals.

Thank you!

Monday, 23 November 2015


While I have been doing #1FaceADay, once my daily face was done, I packed them away.
I haven't really gone back to look at them once done.

After seeing 70 of Anne's #1FaceADay pieces and how powerful they were grouped together, I was quite curious to see my faces together.  I laid them all out, which took up most of the floor space in this room.  I grouped them into sizes and themes... and interestingly enough, there was cohesion.

I just can't believe how many there are and these aren't all of them!
What a crazy wonderful journey!

Weekend News... in pictures...

Almond Milk Cuppa

We had a go slow weekend and nothing makes me happier.
I had an exhausting week, so much sleep was the way it went.  No complaints from me.
I even slept in on Sunday - a luxury I don't often allow myself.  But it was delicious!
Just like my Almond Cuppa

Girlie Sushi Date

A firm tradition - when Digz is away.
Sushi and a sleep over with Momma.  I absolutely love these stolen moments.
Digz was doing the Double Century cycle event {200km in one day}
We have another Sushi date coming up.  In true November fashion, our schedule is full on.

Sunday Sweet Spoils - just because.

Life size portraiture

 Cork's final art prac finished and delivered.  She got her results for this final project today.
What an excellent way to end the year!

Kitty hasn't been keen to run with me this year but I'm delighted to say, she's had a change of heart.
 She has grown so much this year and is taller than both Courteney and me, her growth spurt made running, physically painful.  I'm pleased to say she's turned a corner and we had much fun on the trails yesterday.  I'm a happy girl because I'm always looking for a running buddy.

Almost finished.

Stolen moments of rest this weekend...
On the road and at home.  

Found this beautiful wall in Woodstock.
I love the artiness of Woodstock - we want to explore more.
{Secret messages}

My paintings have arrived safely at their destination.
Nothing gives me greater joy than seeing my pieces in their new home!

A sweet capture....

Anne and me at her Exhibition... big smiles!
What a wonderful evening, won't easily be forgotten.

Photo Cred - Anne

Saturday, 21 November 2015


Not sure if you remember this pic I took of my girls a while ago.
My one Instagram friend asked if she can use it as a reference.
I love it when people ask me that.  It means so much to me.

Well... I was completely blown away by her result.
Seriously incredible!  Thank you for capturing my darlings so beautifully!!
That's so deeply moving!

Check out her Instagram feed... Sandra2Paint
 Her skills are quite something!

A little visit... a little exhibition... a beautiful lasting memory!

I can't believe a year and a bit has passed since our trip to Italy!
And so much has happened during this time... the losses, the gains and the life in between.
It's been quite a journey... but seeing Anne {Annetoile} again was equally as memorable, as it was in Italy.  

I am completely fascinated by the depth of our conversations... We cut to the chase and dive right in.
Like no time has passed and I have to say, I love everything we talk about!
I come home thinking about it deeply for ages..
New food for thought, new ideas and new things to research and read!

We have been journeying together this year, {virtually} through #1FaceADay - 
{the idea that was birthed in Italy}... And little did we know or expect what we were in for.
And this week - I got to see her beautiful creations in person and up close in an exquisite exhibition.
Her first!  But hopefully many more to come.

The blue one in the middle, second row
Stole my heart!

I'm so blown away by Anne's courage, her joy and her expression of love for what she does!
The exhibition space was exquisite.  And the show was professional.
And the love and support she received on the night - Incredible.

I got to meet and hang with her local community!
I was reminded once again, how precious real community and deep connections are.
They aren't birthed overnight - but take months, if not years to nurture!

I've come home with a renewed inspiration!

Thank you Anne and friends - for being so kind and welcoming!
I felt so honored to be there in person.


I never find travelling easy esp. when I travel alone.
I carry with me a silent stress - I've been looking into why this affects me so deeply.
Either way... it does, so I have to self nurture a lot when I get home.
Some people love sneaking time away from family but I don't really.

I managed to find lchp/banting options all the way.  Happy girl!

I have struggled with fatigue since I got home.  Maybe a culmination of travelling alone,
stress around my accommodation and being out of my comfort zones.
But also late nights and this time of year in general - November and I are known "frienemies".
This year, I'm embracing the suck of it and hoping I will come out the other end in one piece.

As for this little old guy... 

Someone missed me and was happy to snuggle up when I got home.
He didn't leave me all afternoon.  If there is one thing I know about this little guy.
He knows I'm Momma...

Going home...

This was the first little TeaBagGirl that I ever did.
She was actually a test run for the #100faces project.
I found and pulled out an old teabag that I had prepped 3 years ago and never used.
I had no idea that this test run would lead me into such a special venture.

She got singled out and framed the other day because of her being #1 and on such an old teabag.
But also because I discovered I had done an extra teabag out of the #50 I was framing up.

I am thrilled to say these pieces are heading to their new home this week.
I am so moved by this sale, not only because of who they are going to but because they are big pieces and the bigger the pieces, the harder they are to move.  It took me ages to put my Sleeping Angels into my shop because I was pretty attached to them.  It was my hope that they would go to a dear and special home.  I know that's not something I have control over.  But each piece carries a bit of me, sometimes more than others and I guess that makes this journey so deeply personal and that's always my hope... I can honestly say I have loved and valued every placing my pieces have found their way to.  It's always such an honor and it's pretty humbling.

I couldn't have chosen a better home for these pieces to go to.
I'm so blown away that these 3 pieces get to journey together.

So grateful and thank you!

Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Cherry Blossom Girls...

The Cherry Blossom Girls
on 20"x30" Canvas Board

I'm finally finished this piece... yay!
I had lots to tweak and finish, especially with the hands.
And of course that took me the longest part.
But I'm thrilled to say these three girls are finally finished.
I'm loving finishing these old pieces!

It has given me much joy!
And I know it helps me move forward too.
I know I want to start the New Year with no unfinished pieces.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

End of a season...

So this was Corks last race for this year.
She started riding this year and we had no idea the joy ride she was in for.
From getting her first mountain bike and kit, to winning her age category various times and to winning prize money too.
All of which she has saved for next year.

More delightfully, was her sweet friendship that has grown this year with her riding buddy Sas.
And their moments riding together with their Dads.  What a treat for both girls.
I'm so proud of both of them!

As for Corks and her ride today - she wanted to finish strong.
Keeping her training up at this time of year hasn't been easy, especially with her schedule but she was determined to finish strong.
And we are proud to say - she did just that.
She rode her heart out and she was raving.

But for now - she gets to finish up her exams... strong (hopefully).
And have a more fun on the trails these holidays than heavy training.

Well done girls!