Sunday, 28 August 2016

My new home...

If you wondering where I've been - I have migrated to my new platform...
You can now find me HERE.

The transition went better than I imagined and I've been learning as I go.
I hope you will continue to journey with me there.

I'm so grateful to blogger for getting me where I needed to be and for being very much part of my journey.  I love blogging and I have loved this space to bits.

I will keep this blog up for now, until I know how to move forward.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

the winds of change....

So it's been on my mind for a while to give up my blogger and migrate to a new cleaner platform.... Partly because I have had so many things going on this year... From my name change to my Camera Craft journey and my TeaBagGirls journey, amongst other things.  I've been feeling frustrated by some of the limitations of blogger.

It was during putting my class together (which I ran privately on blogger until it was ready to go live) that I realised there are much better options out there.  With a bit of nudging and prompting from my sweetest friend and with a bit of help from another friend of mine who does web development - it's come together nicely.  I don't think I had the courage to face it alone.

Grateful to you both - thank you.

I think by this weekend my new website / platform should be up and running.  It's easier on the eyes, far less cluttered.  It's simple.  And I can so do simple right now.  Transition is never easy but sometimes it's necessary.  I so get that.

Please bear with me as I migrate to my new platform.
See you on the other side as I figure out new ways to continue sharing my journey.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Sneak Peak...

I had the privilege of getting a sneak peak into my classroom on Ivy's classroom platform yesterday and I'm over the moon and blown away.  I'm excited, nervous, humbled and emotional all at the same time.  I had no idea when I started 365faces this year on teabags... that I would be doing this class.   I thought I would fly under the radar and quietly continue my 365faces journey this year.  I had no idea that my journey with my teabags would take me here and I am seriously moved by it.

As for me, now that my class is up and ready for Monday... where does this leave me with my teabags... well my 365face journey continues and I am hoping to drop off my next 40 for framing on Monday.  I haven't had a gap to leave the house let alone get to my framers.  I have a bit of admin around catching up sharing my journey there too, plus another big step is to lock down my exhibition venue and set a date for early next year together with getting my little coffee table book made up... I see the printers in the next week or two.  I know my journey with my teabags is far from over.  This was just a huge milestone in between it all. 

I'm here and still continue to show up for these sweet little ladies on the sweetest little canvases.

Can't wait for Monday - see you all in class.

a little breathing gap...

I have had a gentle few days... catching my breath.
Catching up with life, washing, admin and getting to walk a bit.

We have had a few beautiful days, weather wise and it feels like spring has made an early appearance.  It will be short lived, this I do know.  But the sunny days have felt beautiful even though it has been icy cold and getting out and walking has been glorious.

I'm not complaining.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Round two... TinyBagsofLove

My little teabag class is reopening for registration again today for a second class.

If you missed signing up the first time, here is another chance.
I've been working full on to get my material finished on time and I'm almost ready.

I am getting so excited... see you in class.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Making beauty in TinyBagsofLove Class...

I am so excited to share this beautiful activity with you in class.
Making beauty this week has been so precious for me.
Other things too - as much as there creative portraiture in the class...

There will also be beautiful things to make too.

Back to life as we know it...

So after a glorious hike up the mountain for Digz and Kitty last weekend...
We have hit the week running, back to school and usual routine, extra murals and heavy training schedules. And back on the racing circuit for Corks and Sas.  Loved seeing these girls riding together again.  It was wet, cold and muddy but after both of their Europe travels - they did fine on their bikes.    As for school - Corks has 2 months left of her whole school career.  She received her first set of exam schedule this week.  The next two months will be full on for all of us.

As for poor Riley - the cold and wet days = deep in my gown cuddles.