Tuesday, 9 August 2016

the winds of change....

So it's been on my mind for a while to give up my blogger and migrate to a new cleaner platform.... Partly because I have had so many things going on this year... From my name change to my Camera Craft journey and my TeaBagGirls journey, amongst other things.  I've been feeling frustrated by some of the limitations of blogger.

It was during putting my class together (which I ran privately on blogger until it was ready to go live) that I realised there are much better options out there.  With a bit of nudging and prompting from my sweetest friend and with a bit of help from another friend of mine who does web development - it's come together nicely.  I don't think I had the courage to face it alone.

Grateful to you both - thank you.

I think by this weekend my new website / platform should be up and running.  It's easier on the eyes, far less cluttered.  It's simple.  And I can so do simple right now.  Transition is never easy but sometimes it's necessary.  I so get that.

Please bear with me as I migrate to my new platform.
See you on the other side as I figure out new ways to continue sharing my journey.

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