Sunday, 31 May 2015

Weekend Love...

I still can't believe it's the end of May and we are nose diving straight into June.
I had some work to do, to finish my May #1FaceADay challenge.

June also means it's Digs birthday.
And as a family, we love to celebrate each other's lives.
And we were celebrating early this year because the girls are writing exams, going on camp.
And the weeks are too busy for late night celebrations.  Nothing big but just intimate moments.
We planned a dinner out together for Saturday night.  It was part of Digz gift.  What a treat.
We spoke a lot, laughed a lot.  And had a beautiful dinner.
Sacred and cherished moments.
I never need time away from these girls.
They pretty cool people to hang out with.... teenagers 'n all.
Kitty asked Digz what he wanted for his birthday and he asked her to make a him a cake.
Which was right up Kitty's alley.  She went big!
I think it was honestly the most spectacular cake she's ever made.

Death by Chocolate
I had so much fun with my printed cards this weekend and with my Etsy shop.
Thank you soooo much for the love and support.
One happy girl, this side of the world!!!

All my little packages are ready to ship out!
With much love and extra treats!!!


Sunday Kitty and I went clothes shopping for her impending camp.
Always fun to take my baby girl out!  She's so darling!  She's really at the age where clothes are making her so happy!  It's really in the small things.

As for me - I found myself some uber extra soft patterned tights!
Yupppp I guess I'm the same - it's totally in the small things!
Happy girls!

We had a full but gentle weekend!
Bring on next week so we can wrap up those exams.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Printing Fun... what a weekend!

Operation send out!

I'm so excited with my printed cards that arrived this week.
I felt like a small child in a candy store.
I sent a whole bunch out this weekend together with some pieces.
And some as long overdue gifts to dear friends.
Thank you to all who expressed love for them, 
And kindly supported me in my Etsy Shop this weekend.

 Thank you!

Tomorrow I pick up so more and new prints and
I'm heading back to my postoffice for another send off.
Seriously blown away.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

#InMyStudio - Early Tuesday quirkiness...

#1FaceaDay - May's Journey
Creative quirky play.
Fun early morning love before heading to the office.
Embracing what comes... even if it's a little quirky.

Sunday, 24 May 2015


Saturday mornings at home has become sacred ground for me.

I can understand why in some religions, it's the Sabbath.
To wake up to quiet, no rushing out the door with my hair on fire, is honestly spiritual for me.
The girls tend to sleep late if they aren't riding.

I even think my Saturday routine has become a sacred ritualistic act of taking stock of each moment... as I slip into my warm gown, pad through the dark, silent house, make my coffee and sit in my sweet studio to have a quiet time and do my morning pages and quite honestly pull my soul towards myself.

Sometimes I get to paint before the household is up.
Every now and again I get a studio buddy who comes to sit by me as I write.
It's winter now and the mornings are cold.  In many regards I love winter because of this.
The girls always have winter exams that stretch across 3 weeks - which means we are housebound most weekends for about 6 weeks.  Which is pretty perfect for winter.
And for a true blue introvert like me - it's heaven.

We tend to hibernate.  And be home bodies.
We have slower days and longer hours in front of the fire.

Early Saturday morning paintings for my #1faceaday.
Quick and fast warming up exercises but it felt good.
Just what I needed.

The weeks are full on.
But I steal moments here and there to be still.
I don't often get patterns in my Soya Latte's, so to find love here today was a treat.

I've been spending a bit of time and money, getting some of my collections framed up.
It's expensive in these parts, so it's a slow process.
I'm stoked with my Renee and Misty pieces.
Let the journey continue...

I started this weeks ago.
It's based on a tiny card I did for #1FaceaDay project.
23"x33" stretched canvas.  I couldn't resist doing it big.
I love this piece so much...

The tenderness and connectivity that they share, speaks straight to my heart.
It's the same connectivity I share with my girls.
They are always pressing their sweet faces on mine, always coming in for the embrace.
It's truly such a blessing in my life to have so much tender love.

I'm happy to say I'm finished this piece.
I'm hoping they will go to a beautiful new home.
But for now I get to enjoy them.

I love this cut image - I will have cards printed like this.

Digz said "hey - you look so adorable, can I take a picture?"
And I love the serenity and mood he captured here.

I sat lounging #InMyStudio...
listening to the beautifully haunting classical music of Ruth Fazal.
Staring at these 3 girls, feeling exhaustingly satisfied and contemplating how to move forward.
I don't often have a clear schedule or easel.

A few months ago I made the decision to cut back on my working hours so I could focus more time #InMyStudio but more importantly to spend more time in my virtual classrooms.  If I want to improve - I have to do the work and have to learn.
I have many unfinished classes to work through.
To say I'm a tad bit overwhelmed by how much I've signed up for and not completed, is an understatement.
I don't like being that person.

It's one thing making the decision to cut back but walking that out, takes time, like all things.
Finding my replacement has taken a while.  That together with manic work deadlines.
I feel for the first time this year, I'm on top of my work work.
I thought the notion would leave me excited and energised.
But in all honesty it's left me a little depleted and a little lost.
I know I will get on top of it and get into a new routine and rhythm.
I'm beside myself for the extra time I will get.
Exciting times.... ahead.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Throwback Thursday when progress is everything...

I did this piece on the right, in September 2012.
It was my first piece under Misty's teachings (OpenStudio) and I did it right before I left for Italy to paint with her in person.  It was 100% Misty inspired.  I knew going to Italy to paint in her class was far reaching for where I was at.  So I was desperate to do something that would make me feel less out of my depths.  I'm not sure if it helped.  I knew all the way I was out of my depths.
When I got back from Italy I did all the thousand dots.
I originally painted her on stretch canvas that I had stuck patterned scrapping paper on.
I have loved this piece.  And I vowed never to change her.
Because she was the start of something... a wonderful journey.

But last night I did.  I just knew it was time.
Digz said - "hey, you are changing history".
But I have the prints, images and memories of my journey.
In truth she has been calling me for a while... and I guess the time was just right.
Her tiny mouth and nose, too thin neck and no shoulders needed to change.

The more I worked on her, the more the paper bothered me and it created a bubble, which I started to pull at and before I knew it I had lifted off all the paper and my new over painting.
I kept redrawing her so I would loose her completely.
It ended up being a massive undertaking, right down to using sandpaper.
In essence...  I have now painted her 3 times.

I always loved her.  She was sweet.
To me she's moved from whimsical girl to beautiful woman.
Which I absolutely adore.

I love her new delicate lace around her face,

It is a pattern I copied from the last piece of lace I had left from my gran.
This is where I left her last night.
Not sure how to end her...

When I had some studio time this morning... I decided to do dots/dashes down and across, as opposed to around this time.
And it just totally finished off this piece.  I'm beyond thrilled with her.
In 2012 I called this piece Misty.
And to me, although she's changed so much - she's still very much My Misty piece.

I am so grateful for change, for growth and for progress.
I hope this is something I never stop doing or stop seeking out.

A long overdue visit to my printers....

I went to visit my printers today...
Such fun to reflect on these images from the past few months...
Had a few new business cards made and printed cards.
I'm beyond excited.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

I will send up Prayer Balloons for you, Special One

I started painting this one when we were all praying so much for Beautiful Lorraine.

I loved the symbolism of the prayer balloons.
I didn't have the courage to finish it at the time... 
It was a lot of work and maybe on a subconscious level,  I was afraid what that would mean.
But this last week, I finally found the courage... 

I am still completely in love with this piece.
I love this mighty woman so much...

I just love the wisdom in her face.  The knowing in her eyes.  The grace in her hands.  And the love in her heart as she appears to be standing above the earth.  All along she's felt a little prophetic to me.

I've put this piece in my Etsy shop.
We can't contain love and keep it for ourselves.

I pray this piece goes to a beautiful new home.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Job'sTears, The GoldFinch and QuirkyLove

 I love these grey beads.  I didn't know they were called Job's Tears... did you?  They are a simple grey bead and a very big part of my childhood.  My beautiful Momma wore them through my childhood and we always used to play with her grey beads.  You can pick up up on every street corner in Durban, where I spent most of my childhood.  I usually send a string of these beads out with my parcels and paintings, a bit of my world.  And last week Misty together with Kathy, both received theirs.  Who both told they were called Job's Tears - I love that I learnt that this week.  I received a message from Misty saying a lady at her local coffee shop asked her where she got hers and when she told her, she told Misty she was also from SA. I just loved that... love the connection.  That story made my day.  I can't wait to send more out.
I love this painting.
Which was the basis of the book, The GoldFinch, that I finished this week.
Have you read it?  The thread that ran through was one of sadness and that of a wasted life.
But I loved the dialogue and thought processes very much.
I had no idea what the story was about and that it was indirectly about art.

On Friday night when I was waiting to fetch Digs from the Airport,
I sat by the fire, whilst watching Big Eyes just scribbling with my pen and white paint.
A simply beautiful way to unwind.

Last night I watched Words and Pictures.
Both art movies - both excellent.  I recommend.

It was good to do some laid back things this weekend.  After such a heavy few months.
I also spent most of Saturday sleeping.  Oh heavens - it was beautiful.
I even got on top of my monster washing pile.

I feel like I'm past a lot of my heavy work schedule and life mayhem and easing into a new place.
I'm hoping I will find time on my side so I can really get stuck into my course materials and studio.
Feeling really excited.

Friday, 15 May 2015

#InMyStudio - quirky creative play...

Cross my Heart!
I just love this girl!
She's quirky and fun!
I just used an ink pen and white paint.
Grey paint for the background.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

#InMyStudio - ever-evolving...

I'm so touched by the gentleness of their love and closeness.
The softness of this new color.

I'm finally at peace with this tiny piece which I've always loved,
And now even more than ever.

So pleased to be sending her to her new home.

Thank you!

Monday, 11 May 2015

A beautiful vision through our Postal Nightmares

Last year October, when I got back from Italy, our postal service had the worst strike that we have ever seen, which to me was such a foolish act of defiance and stupidity on both parties as this step has virtually bankrupt this vital public service.   To me, this services is a basics need that every country has to have.  If this service falls away - I do believe it can cripple our country in a way that it may never recover from.  The amount of companies that use this service and the amount of people who connect with their families this way - is way bigger than anyone realises.

I have been waiting for some things from my sweet friends, Renee, Jenny, Camilla and Suzanne, just the ones I know about for over 7 months.

 I ordered these incredible prints from my dear friend, Robin Laws a month or two ago - forgetting that nothing is coming through customs - but to my shock they arrived last week.  And for the first time in 7 months I am feeling hopeful that perhaps the postal service is working through their backlog at customs.  Getting my packages out of the country have been okay and seems to be 100% back on track.

Living in hope.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Mother's Day silliness... and love.

The thing I adore about my girls - is how playful and funny they are.
Their teasing, game playing and laughing are keeping me young and relevant.  When they find new apps - I download it too with them and we all play together.  We make silly video clips and take crazy pictures.  I want to keep up with them as much as I humanly can.  I know one day the gap will be too big to close but for now,  I love that they are so game to include me in the shenanigans.

I had a gentle mother's day.  I'm not into the fan fair of commercially driven days but if the day is about just for a moment acknowledging something - I do love the sentiment.  I have loved being a Momma, more than anything I have ever done.   I'm not sure I could have mothered just anyone and been good at it.  But these two, who I believe have been given specifically to me - have brought out the absolute best in me and they are two of the most incredible things I've ever done.

That together with being so grateful for my own Momma.  I know she is the biggest part of who I am today.  I have really been blessed with the amount of input I've had from incredible woman through the different seasons of my life.  I hope that I continue to have this gift as we move through the new seasons of our lives.  And I long for my girls to have that incredible gift too.  What greater gift is there to be loved and adored, nurtured and matured, supported and inspired to help us to be better versions of ourselves through the journey of our lives.  And if there is one thing I do know, it's a journey we can't do alone!

After a slow start to the day....
We headed out to brekkie with my brother, who was in town, again (such a beautiful treat for me). 
And then had a quiet day at home as Digby was packing for his next big adventure out of town. 
Grateful heart.

My baby brother, 3 years my junior!
I have always adored him.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

#InMyStudio.... PaperClay Love

I absolutely love playing with this beautiful medium.
And I love Baobab Trees - it was wonderful to combine both.
I am hoping to get into a routine of playing with clay at least once a week.
Happy play!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

#InMyStudio... messing around

12.5" x 10.5" on antique music sheets

I just so enjoyed painting this.
It was loose, free and generous paint.
Sometimes we forget to be generous with ourselves.
This reminded me to be... whenever, I do - I always love the result.
I want to learn how to make paint strokes like this on bigger pieces.
With the same kind of abandonment.

So good for my soul.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Sweet beautiful soul...

We keep this love in a photograph
We make these memories for ourselves.
Where our eyes are never closing, hearts are never broken
Time is forever frozen still.

Photograph - Ed Sheeran

This is how I will always remember you.
You, with your Ted.  The Kindest Love I've ever seen.

Thank you!