Friday, 5 August 2016

Sneak Peak...

I had the privilege of getting a sneak peak into my classroom on Ivy's classroom platform yesterday and I'm over the moon and blown away.  I'm excited, nervous, humbled and emotional all at the same time.  I had no idea when I started 365faces this year on teabags... that I would be doing this class.   I thought I would fly under the radar and quietly continue my 365faces journey this year.  I had no idea that my journey with my teabags would take me here and I am seriously moved by it.

As for me, now that my class is up and ready for Monday... where does this leave me with my teabags... well my 365face journey continues and I am hoping to drop off my next 40 for framing on Monday.  I haven't had a gap to leave the house let alone get to my framers.  I have a bit of admin around catching up sharing my journey there too, plus another big step is to lock down my exhibition venue and set a date for early next year together with getting my little coffee table book made up... I see the printers in the next week or two.  I know my journey with my teabags is far from over.  This was just a huge milestone in between it all. 

I'm here and still continue to show up for these sweet little ladies on the sweetest little canvases.

Can't wait for Monday - see you all in class.

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  1. Coffee table book? I missed loads of stories!!!! Can't wait to hear more Jeanne Marie xxx