Monday, 31 August 2015

#InMyStudio - 50 of 100Faces

I've only got half way in my 100Faces project,
that my sweet friend, Sharon Tomilson started last year.
I have kind of put it on hold a little bit this year as I'm busy with #AFaceADay
But I'm so grateful for these 50 #TeaBagGirls.
Seeing them all laid out like this... made my heart skip a beat.
I want to get these 50 framed up and I'm busy getting advice from framers as to how I will do it to best preserve these sweet little TeaBags.

I hope that I will be able to find the courage to finish this project and do the next 50...

This is what beautiful story-writer Robin Laws, wrote about these girls altogether...

"framing and how to hang such abundance is a mystery!
One that by all means should be solved so that these beauties can get some fresh air together,
have little chats across the row, lean over to look at what their neighbor is wearing...
You know just girl stuff!"

I love this story... thank you Robin.

And to all out there - thank you for journeying with me through these 50!

Sunday, 30 August 2015

#InMyStudio... "Found in Italy"

I started this piece 12 weeks ago and I kind of loved it but also didn't (below left).
I got to this point but didn't really know how to move forward.
The empty background was bugging me and the lack of details and the shape of her body.

I love detail work.  And much was missing on this piece.
To me, there was no areas of interest or story.

So I just started playing by adding beads... and making big hair, lots of doodles.
But I've done that a lot lately.  I have been studying other artists backgrounds.
And something I've been waiting to try for ages, is working buildings in.

I asked my sweet friend Renee Plains, if I could study some of her building work and incorporate it into this piece.  She loved the idea.  I haven't shared this on social media yet because I wanted to show Renee first.  I only wish I could have had sweet Renee sitting along side me instead of doing this virtually.

I love how a piece organically changes as you keep digging deeper.
I lost the one arm and one by one the birds started to disappear.
I started blocking in the buildings (below right).  But eventually we found our way together.
I love how it's completely different to how I imagined, I never imagined Italy in this piece.

And I'm absolutely in love with this fact.
I'm keeping it up right now... reminding me about Italy, our beautiful Orvieto.
Hard to believe a year ago we were prepping to go... again.  I guess in a way it's symbolic.
Symbolic of my journey the past 3 years or so... the teachings, the peer-learning and the journey.
I'm so deeply grateful.

I do love the big hair and the lines and doodles.
Things I've been exploring lately.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

A little walk in the forest...

I love that we have a forest literally in our backyard...
well, almost... for walks, trial runs and more.

It's so beautiful and quiet, that sometimes I forget that we are actually in the city.
The weather was mild and my friend from out of town was visiting and she loves walking.
So we hit the forest and chatted and walked for a few hours.
And got to take some lovely photos.

When I do this - it feels like I'm stealing back a little bit of time that gets robbed from me daily!
So good for my soul!

This little vehicle tickled me pink.
I love the innovative ways people are finding to make an income in Cape Town.
I love this capture... his dog, the banana trees in the background.
For a brief moment - it feels like a scene right out of Hawaii.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

#InMyStudio - finishing Blue Petals.

I'm so thrilled with her and right now she's feeling finished.
I might tweak a thing or two here and there.
But for tonight - we are resting here together.
Happy Saturday all - rest well.

Friday, 21 August 2015


So this year I've been joining some lovely ladies to creatively play,
once a month.  We meet up and do something different each time.

This week I almost cancelled because I'm just exhausted
The thought of leaving the house is a bit overwhelming at the moment.
But I'm so glad I didn't.

My pasta bowl was ready and waiting for me to press with beautiful Indian Stamps.
I looked at previous works around the studio to help me get started but once I was on my way...
the rest just flowed.  And I absolutely loved it.

There are a few mistakes - but I kind of love that.
Seriously the best therapeutic #creativeplay in a long time.

She will be glazed and fired in the next week.

Can't wait for her arrival.

Art School or not to school...

I took Corks the other day to another uni open day.
But this one was an art school and we were both dying to investigate.

Wow wow wow!

It took our breath away!
What they offer and the facility itself.

It was pretty emotional for me, visualising my baby girl here.
We haven't decided anything yet but we still have much work ahead of us,
 in terms of investigating all our options but it was a pretty awesome start!

I guess when you start to map out your kid's future, together with them - like this.
It's pretty damn exciting!

The endless opportunities, dreams and hopes!

Takes your breath away!

It's still my dream to attend art school one day!
I live in hope!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

#InMyStudio - at last...

I've had no desire or motivation to be #InMyStudio let alone come up with anything creative, other than #1faceaday for the past 5 weeks. I haven't been worried but I also haven't put myself under any kind of pressure because I just haven't had the capacity. It has been lots of rushing out the door with the girl's schedules, but that's just the way it goes sometimes.

Allowing myself to find rest in that place was good. 

Being home, is extremely healing and nurturing for my core being and when I don't allow this time, I can unravel. Five weeks was a push! 

So while on the road (I've literally spent 5 weeks In my car, on the run) I kept myself creatively entertained on Pinterest, playing with a bit of photography and diving back into unfinished tutorials.

This piece was inspired by imagery discovered on Pinterest. We are still journeying but loving where I'm at and looking forward to where we will end together.  

Monday, 10 August 2015

1FaceaDay continues - post 7 months...

My journey continues...
I haven't yet shared my full month of July because I just haven't had a gap...
but August continues and me with it.   It has felt gentler on me this month.

I've fallen in love again, with the journey.... which I really needed.

I'm playing with pencils and color.

Since I got back from my leave, I haven't felt much for painting.
So I've been ticking over with 1FaceaDay and photography.
Trying to figure out how I'm going to move forward... I am still figuring that out.
I'm not sure we ever really know - but move in ebbs and lows.
But of now... I'm dabbling and that has to be enough for now.

I love this quirky one #221
Corks forbid me to touch any more.
I agreed.  I think this one was perfect, right here.

Another quirky one... 
Maybe August will be my quirky month!

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Weekend escapades and then some...

So our post remains an issue...
I read a report in the Business Day that the situation won't be improving anytime soon.
And although I am managing to get pieces out, if I register or courier them.  It's getting packages in thats the real issue.  I did managed to get this package in from the USA.  But I believe my dear friend Renee couriered it through UPS.  I'm so grateful for her beautiful package.  It also included a sweet gift from my dear friend Jenny, including Lorraine's memorial card from her funeral.
I feel so touched to have this piece... which is up #inmystudio
Thank you Renee and Jenny!

We got to spend some one on one quality time together.
Waiting in queues at home affairs and applying for this one's identity docs.
No complaints from me - she's pretty awesome to hang with!

We finished earlier than expected so we headed to our fav coffee shop.
For coffee and coffeeshop doodles and chatting, of course.
Then we headed into Woodstock to scout out these arty shops, reclaimed wood shops.
And pretty much just amble around together.

I'm in love... I spotted a few must haves...
One day... <3

After we had enough of Woodstock... we headed into the City.
To look down Long Street and head into the very trendy Bree Street.
We stopped at the Culture Club because they stock my mom's cheese and yoghurts.
And we stayed for lunch, pictures and more chatting.
I'm always looking for cow milk alternatives.  I found Buffalo milk which makes a pretty nice cappuccino and found Sheep's yoghurt and my mom's beautiful Goat's cheese.
I'm a happy girl.

We had a half an hour to kill while waiting for our Kitty girl.
So we dashed into the forest for a photoshoot.
It was a perfect day!  Weather-wise and company wise. 
Love tanks and creative love takes filled to the brim.
After we collected the Kitty girl - she wanted to head home for much needed couch time.
We all took in 2 good movies together - happy Friday indeed.


We had made plans with friends of ours for a pretty much unplanned trip to the coast for one night.  Time was tight but once we got there - there was definitely the feeling that time was standing still for a bit.  I'm so glad we decided to join them, we knew it would be a stretch but the little breather in amongst the chaos was more than needed.

The trip down... was breathtaking all the way.

I can't tell you enough how much I adore this girl!

As soon as we arrived - we headed out for a glorious walk on the beach.
It was cold but stunning!

Beautiful teenagers all the way.
I couldn't think of a more stunning bunch of girls.

Buddies - collecting shells and connecting.
Watching the sun go down - was glorious.

We headed up to the house in the dark.
Shared a lovely dinner together and chatted until bedtime.

The next morning the cyclists headed out into Kogelberg for a loooong ride.
And the rest of us headed out for a long walk on the beach.
The two shell pickers picked up more shells and we chatted deeply for 3 hours.
I love long walks on the beach.
To me, they heal deeply.  And bring a gentle restoration.

Winter beach walks hold it's own incredible beauty.
I'm so grateful for this delightful interlude we had this weekend.
Not only for the beauty of this place, but connecting with friends.
Thank you so much #sograteful

As was coming in, going home was equally as beautiful.
A visually beautiful weekend.