Friday, 31 October 2014

#InMyStudio - I did something a little crazy... but loving it!

Remember this... 

Well it's been hanging in my room since I finished it and I haven't been sure what to do with it... Someone said they had a gallery that they wanted me to put it in - but I just didn't feel this piece or I was ready for that.  The sheer size of this piece made it impressive and kind of take your breath away.... but everyday I looked at it, I knew deep down inside, that I would still change it more.

Yet the prospect of that felt so ginormous and I wasn't sure I had the capacity to take that on yet again... Plus I knew my girls might get mad with me.... I usually get moaned at when I do that but those SunflowrAngels had been beckoning me for the past few weeks... needing change.  I started throwing it out there that I was considering a makeover... and after Digz had left for his adventure race and the girls were quietly doing homework - I snuck it to my studio and she got a healthy dose of beautiful gesso!

Trying not to panic...

But I have to say when she appeared - I knew we were going to be okay because she was 1000 times better than my first version - out of all the girls she was the one that just didn't feel right.  But I'm thrilled to bits with her.  Now she might be my fav by far...

Now you can see what I mean....

Covering that blue background took all night...

We still have a ways to go... but once again we will journey together and I'm excited... way more excited than the first time.  I've completely fallen in love with this makeover and I can't wait to finish this piece once and for all.

Oh and I am loving the more subdued tones and loving their dresses way more....   

Thursday, 30 October 2014

#InMyStudio - 100Faces - #6, 7, 8 slowly gaining momentum...

These two have crept into my heart!

Oh my goodness - I am having so much fun!
I have 8 little ladies hanging on my wall.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

#InMyStudio - internet blues and creative hues...

I'm not sure what's going on with the internet - but it's causing me the blues!!!
It's interfered all week with work and it's generally been a struggle.  I sometimes work remotely - which has made it virtually impossible... thank goodness during long waits I've been able to play #InMyStudio...

I had an old abandoned canvas gessoed and ready and waiting,.. I used my Botticelli book for the start with for a reference and this beautiful lady crept onto my canvas and straight into my heart!  I'm totally in love with her hand, blue beads and eyes.
She took me the whole day to paint!  Digby was watching the rugby and doing things and the girls were busy too!  I love it when it just works out right!  Guilt free studio time and beauty finds it way out!

Hands are still part of my journey and I'm learning so much about them... 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Saturday news... in pictures...

So you have discovered I'm a gadget junkie.
But you must also know how much I love iphonography.
It's the only way I take pictures these days and with cellphone technology the way it is and with it's camera quality improving all the time - it's more than enough.  Esp with all the apps etc.  So I've been eyeing out lenses for my iphone for the longest time and I've finally found some...  I have 5 new lenses - I'm delighted!  Although I will only have it for a few months... as I see the new iPhone 6 in my near future.
Let the playing begin.

This week we celebrated my hubbies 10 year anniversary at work and we all went out to paint the town red...  A sunset cruise on the Tigger Two... dinner at The Grand.  Always lovely to play grown up and do things that we don't usually get to do!

Any reason to celebrate this guy - and I'm in!

Friday, 24 October 2014

#InMyStudio - 100Faces fun - 5 done 95 to go...

The vibe and excitement on Instagram about 100faces has been brilliant - everyone one jumping onboard - I love that when it happens... it's #onehundredfaces revolution.... and it's catchy!

I'm having the best time so far.  Painting on teabags and so tiny has it's challenges but all in all - I'm loving working this way!  What a joy!  The challenge is still to capture emotion and expression when painting so minute - well for me... that's the joy!  Each one I start - turns out completely differently than how I first imagined and I just adore that!  I'm letting each one lead the way... and so far I'm completely delighted and completely captivated.

She had me at Hello - #1

Delicate & Soft #2                                        Pearls of Wisdom - #3

Sincere and Tenderhearted - #4
She's stolen my heart wholeheartedly.
She feels emotional, tender and deep!
My fav so far!

Darling - #5

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

#InMyStudio - Having fun...

I have decided to join in with the 100faces challenge that was original started by Sharon Tomilson - her project that she finished was truly remarkable and her pieces ranged from big to small... (faces as small as coins).  For me, this will be a warm up for next year January - a few of us from Italy will be doing 365 faces next year (ideally 1 a day).  So I have until the end of the year to finish all 100.  Sweet Renee started this challenge when she got back from Italy and has started a revolution of 100faces again... I'm sure Sharon will love it.  I've decided to use teabags as my canvas of choice - they are perfectly 2"x2" and I will keep them loose for now and closer to the end I will decide how to assemble them - but I'm thinking it might make a pretty interesting piece - 100 teabags altogether.  I've also decided not to get too precious or attached to my image but keep the exercise light, quick, fun and easy... let's see how I go.

#1 of 100

I am starting to feel the freedom that has come with most of my work work up to date - it has already given me many more stolen moments #InMyStudio and that makes me one happy girl!  As a result - I'm having the best fun in there because I am not bogged down with guilt = more creative play!

Last night I had a small old canvas prepped and ready and managed to do this Jane Austen inspired piece.  I had a reference - which I will have to tell you looks nothing like this - but it was the root of my inspiration!  It was good to practice with a reference!

Not sure where we are going yet - but my underpainting is down over my textured background... and I seriously can't wait to get to her and see where she takes me.

Seriously I think we are finally finished... I know I've said that already.  And if I've done her once I've done her 100times.  I lost my way (again) this morning and I had to gesso her face out and start over... that being said - I'm loving her new look much more.

As for me - I have a few busy days ahead of me... so not much studio time install for the next few days... but my love tank is full for now!!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

#InMyStudio - Finding Shelter beneath your Wings

So I feel I have to show you how this piece progressed...

My daughters are very upset with me that I did this.
But I'm not upset!  I love that we can move forward and move on from pieces.
I would love to keep every piece but I physically can't.  I have a digital copy and that will always be part of my portfolio and a documentary of my growth.  But for me, each new stage is a new learning experience.  And I have to take that.  People ask me why I paint over old pieces and why do I love it so much?  Well because for me - it's like already having an under-painting to work on - and the textures and colors from that previous piece always comes through on the new piece.  In this piece - you can see the greens and oranges coming through from the previous painting - adding so much more interest.

These two pieces are worlds apart on so many levels, it's hard to believe it's the same piece at all - and I kind of love that... to bits, actually! Each one revealing where I'm at or where I was at. 

To be honest I'm loving these more muted tones from my usual bright vibrant colors... I guess just a new season!  To me the new one feels way more artistic - which I'm loving!



Saturday, 18 October 2014

#InMyStudio - quiet beautiful day...

I had work work to do today but I couldn't connect via my remote server... so while I waited to be reconnected - I stole some moments #InMyStudio.
I'm so grateful for this quiet day at home!
I have been trying to sort out my new space... it's been so cluttered.
It's small but I'm so grateful for this sacred space.
It's starting to take shape... love how the light comes in.

So part of the de-cluttering has been about sorting out old paintings that haven't sold and needed to be torn up and thrown away, or reworked...

this one got reworked....
Originally my Intuitive Sunflowr painting from FullCircleWorkshop
I've called her - "Finding Shelter Beneath your Wings"

Capturing beautiful light #InMyStudio this morning.

I have been wanting to rework this old piece of mine for ages...
And I am so blown away how she turned out.
I am loving the this way of painting so much!
lots of wet paint and big brushes!

Then                                                                                          Now
"A Portrait of an Open-Hearted Girl"

Finding it hard to believe it's the same painting

So this is something I have definitely been wanting to grow in more this year and I have come across this new course starting close to the end of November.  It's just one week long and I think I can manage that... but it looks incredible and right up my alley!  It's by the incredibly talented Stephanie-Lee.  I'm getting her book for Christmas too.  Looking forward to both.  I will keep you posted on how I go.
I'm hoping to be fully caught up this weekend with my work work so then my life can normalize a bit as well as my structure.  I absolutely need it.  This week was off the charts busy (that doesn't even come close to really explaining it)...  We are all exhausted from a hard year... we need a holiday soon!

Friday, 17 October 2014

#InMyStudio - Getting lost in the Roses again.

I think I might really love this new way of painting...
Lots of paint and fat flat brushes!!!
I'm enjoying kind of loosing my way and finding it again.  It's kind of making me loose my fear and my inhibitions and the rules.  It's allowing me to get lost in creatively playing!

And I rather like it!


She's back in my Etsy shop because I feel she's just way more finished now than before.  And she's gorgeously thick with paint.  I kept going back to her previously because she just didn't feel right on some level.  But I'm totally loving her right now.  The roses that she's lost in are just feeling more connected to her... which is making all the difference to me.


Saturday, 11 October 2014

#InMyStudio - being generous with myself...

I started this one just before I left for Italy!
She was sweet but I wanted to do some deeper layers.
When I was in Italy I watched how Misty and Anne worked with generous amounts of paint with flat brushes and I was intrigued.  When I left Italy, sweet Lorraine gave me my first flat brush.  I feel a bit embarrassed as to why I have never used one before... I guess we just get stuck in our ways!  Since I've been back, it's all I've been using...  And yesterday I popped to my Artshop to get some more... I'm smitten!!!

I think coming from an oil background and from a place where paint is at times challenging to get... I tend to be careful with it as opposed to allowing myself to be generous with myself and my paints.  But I am certainly learning to let go...

Thursday, 9 October 2014

#InMyStudio... accounting for where I'm at.

Sooo it seems the past while, I've got stuck on just doing face after face and although I know my faces needed work... in terms of my proportions, depth and character etc.  It feels like of like I've got stuck in this place and it has felt safer doing one face after the next rather than venturing into full canvas pieces... esp after some of the bigger pieces I did earlier this year.  Also having such a busy work schedule has left me with time for little else... I even found when I was #InTheClassroom in Italy, I felt completely overwhelmed by the prospect of venturing into a piece and kind of kept it safe by doing a few faces.  I started a bigger piece but felt too intimidated to complete her there...

I knew I had some work to do... not only #InMyStudio but also in my head.!!!!!

So last night I decided not to do any computer work but just to play #inmystudio - and worked on doing some extra layers on some of my Italy faces and also I framed up two paintings yesterday... one of my beautiful gifts from Misty and one of my own pieces...  Hopefully I will get to do more framing this weekend.

I started this piece in Italy #InTheClassroom but she didn't blow me away!
But for some or other reason last night with deeper layers - her eyes just got me.
I'm not sure if I was just super tired or what but she is just filled with so much emotion for me!

I started this piece Sunday night because I was just so desperate to play!
She's pretty playful But I wanted to play some more with this piece.

I'm loving her much more!  She's more serious and I love it.
Again - I love her eyes!  So full of emotion!

I prepped some old canvas' last night of pieces that haven't sold.  I gesso'ed over and that's where I started today!  One of the other things I realized in Italy is that I need to go back to using references for inspiration... I really found this so helpful!  I've got a bit stuck on intuitive paintings that I have forgotten how lovely being inspired from references can be.
It's challenging and not using a reference has made me a little lazy at times.
I need to keep practicing with this.

So I decided to use my Botticelli book that I picked up in Florence for reference for this piece!  I'm so excited about doing a full painting again and I'm already loving this!
And of course... there's a hand... I'm already loving that hand... one of the things I've been desperate to grow with this year... I'm calling this piece...
"Extending the Olive branch"

Let the learning and growing continue!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Finding my groove... well trying to.

I was probably a bit unsettled before I left but I've come home wanting to change everything.  And I needed to start with moving my studio out of the main living space and into a separate space.  It was overwhelming everything, including me.  This is now a sweet reading or dreaming space.  I find myself just wanting to sit there!
How gorgeous are those cushions.

I am starting to love my new studio space... I'm finding my groove in there and still sorting lots.  Its good to have a space!

I'm still so exhausted and I'm trying to find the quiet and calm in resting and things around me.  Truth be told I need a long holiday of sleeping and reading and long walks on the beach!
With no agenda.

Nothing like sweet ethnic comfie shoes to make you smile!

The tough thing about doing a long-haul 2 week long trip - is the preparation for your absence prior to leaving (workwise and homewise) is so huge that you leave having pushed to the max.  And then having a super duper full travel itinerary and then of course the travelling time both ways.  Also I didn't sleep well while I was away, I'm not sure if it was from the excitement or what it was, but it has lead me to complete fatigue.

 I arrived back on Sunday afternoon and it was business as usual come 6am Monday morning with school runs and life and work deadlines.  And of course, now there is the 2 week absence catch up!  And when I say I have no bounce back - I have zero left!  It's worried me a bit but when I sat down to think about it - I haven't had decent leave for almost 2 years.... and the past few years have been full on.  We need a get-away!

So exhausted or not I had obligations - which was a birthday bash for one of my dearest friends and a fund-raiser for another friend trying to get to the World Champs... besides that the girls needed me for certain things and I couldn't be "away"for another week.

So where I can I've tried my best to show up!

Stealing special gaps with these two!  And together as a family!
Took the girls clothes shopping and we found flowrs...
What's a girl with flowrsinherhair to do...
I love spending time with them and love that we can be goofy together!