Tuesday, 5 July 2016

#InMyStudio... finishing pieces.

I really love her, love where she ended and the process of how I eventually got to this point.
I haven't shared an #evolutionofapainting for ages.

So here goes...

I started this piece before I left for my parent's farm.
I filmed the whole process as a testing ground for a class I'm going to be part of later.
I knew I loved her but I wasn't wowed by her at all.  She was lacking something, well actually a lot.   I think part of her flatness was mirroring my own flatness at the time.

When I was watching my lesson I noticed I had lost something around her head.
I knew when I got home I wanted to expand on that.  So last night before I climbed into bed, I added bigger hair and more color.  I was immediately in love.  I loved adding more layers of paint.

I started playing with my Superimpose app and added these printed flowers I found while researching.  I'm being quite inspired by printed patterns at the moment (like Matisse).

I knew I loved this much more.
I bolted out of bed this morning, knowing exactly how to finish her and I'm more than stoked.
She consolidated nicely for me.  Yay - my second finished piece for the Auction in October.

#OperationFinishingPieces underway.