Sunday, 7 September 2014

Beautiful quiet weekend...

I just had such a beautiful weekend... why???  Because it was perfectly delightfully quiet and unrushed!  And the best part... I was home!  Plus my sweet friend popped in for a quick coffee and a precious chat!  I love beautiful people!  Just so grateful!

Plus I got to start packing this weekend.  I know that sounds crazy early!  But I have a week to go and I have a very hectic week and it gave me the chance to see what I still need to get, how I needed to downscale and cut back etc etc.  What makes it more challenging is packing up the art supplies.  But I am excited to say I'm good.

I basically had to get all these art supplies into....

These two pouches... well mostly!  PS... I didn't take all those brushes (even though I wanted to.  I really only packed the necessaries.

I also managed to put together little gift packs for my friends.  I made these sweet little gift bags from old coffee sacks that I got from a local coffee shop.
A perfect upcycle project!  I plan to do more of that!

I was looking for a little journal to take with me to Italy so I was looking through my ready made journals, altered books and I had forgotten about this wonderful little book.  I need to work more in here.

I did this Journal Spread as part of my homework in the FullCircleWorkshop in mid February.  I decided to just add a bit more depth to her face and she took a delightful turn.  Again mapping my growth over the past 6 months - so excited when I can actually see it!  She was mainly painted with black and white gesso!  I love that stuff!


  1. ooooh it's all looking so real!!! thank you for sharing a pic of your supplies, a few things i didn't pack will be added and then i'll do some editing too ;) Happy packing! xxx

    1. Happy packing too my friend.... And so can't wait to meet up!!!!!