Thursday, 11 September 2014

Just some news for an exciting week...

Omgoodness - wrapping up life before I go has been stretching and exciting... but I have to say the excitement is creeping in big time.  I am almost 100% done will all the little bits of planning - I worked super hard this week to finish last minute things and also prepare things for home while I'm away.

So with limited supplies at hand (because so many are packed) and limited time to do little more than small sweet pieces...  I'll take whatever I can get... I had a small piece of canvas lying around with a failed transfer on...  I only used 2 colors... red, white and stabilo.  Can you tell - I'm still loving that little pencil.   I love her nose...

I don't get to read as much as I would like to these days because if I have time free - it's mainly kept for painting... so I tend to listen to books more than read them.  But some of these titles aren't on Audible so I decided to order some books the old fashioned way.  There is still a thrill about receiving real books and adding them to our library.

On my reading table...
1.  Bird by Bird - I'm reading and listening too... my sweet friend Betty sent me this copy.
2.  Finding Water - a follow on book to the Artist Way... one of them.
3.  A Thousand Mornings - a Mary Oliver poetry book.
4.  Floor Sample - it's Julia Cameron's autobiography.... 
5.  Sensory Intelligence - I was recently reminded by my friend Mel - why it's so good!
6.  The Vein of Gold - Another follow on to the Artist Way - it's the thickest one so far.
7.  Bringing up Girls - by James Dobson, there seems to be much in there about teenager girls - can never know too much about this topic.

Pretty heavy deep material - but I'm in love with all these books and I'm planning on reading Julia's autobiography on my flights... I have extremely long travel times - so it will be awesome to get lost in that!

My hubby was raving about my hair this week - so I took a photo of myself to see what all the fuss was about.  And I have to be honest, I was quite shocked to see how much I'm looking like my Momsie.  I am a good mixture of both my parents but in this pic - I just see her, in her younger years.  This capture feels like a bit of a time warp.  I sent the picture to my folks and my Dad said exactly the same thing!!!!  Which I just love!  I love seeing genetics at play... 

ps... I think my mom was beautiful... still is!  #honored 

When I told my girls what GrandPops has said they were... "ahhhh Granny is so beautiful"  I love the way they see life.

So I haven't bought creative pieces for ages - mainly because I was putting money aside for Italy.  But this month - I decided to purchase a piece or four.  They are all small pieces but they are all so interesting to me.  It's something I've been wanting to do.  Is put small and/or tiny pieces around the house - not only faces or paintings but just creatively interesting pieces.

From the incredibly creative Constanza -  I love this stitching - the red fabric saucer is MamaAfrica fabric I sent her.  She's used it many of her pieces and it totally suited her style.  She's as incredible with the paintbrush/pencil as she is with the needle.
Honored to have more of her pieces.

These two are from my sweet friend and travel buddy, Renee Plains.
If you know anything about me, you will know how much I love this theme... and Renee's pieces are amazing.  She's bringing them to Italy for me.
Can't wait!

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