Monday, 1 September 2014

Life in General.... captured in technicolor!

 My sweet friend Betty reminded me the other day to look back and see how far I've journeyed with my art.  Boy was she right - sometimes I get so stuck in the now and take for granted and totally forget about the progress and growth.  The constant reminder that things take time to mature and growth takes effort and work!!! Constantly pushing oneself to dig a little deeper.  For me, when I started this journey, my aim and challenge was to find the creative from my head and not just copy from a photograph.
Just over 2 years ago - I started this intuitive journey...

Little reminders and totally feeling encouraged.
So yes the journey has been long and lots of hard work and time in the seat but I'm encouraged to push through and deeper and excited where I will be in another two years time.  Who knows?

Then and now

Then and now

I'm forcing myself to slow down and rest up a bit... it's not easy.
I hit this year running and I haven't seemed to catch my breath... not once.
I left home early this Sunday, to pop into KalkBay to pick up some last minute things for Italy and to steal a coffee and walk on the beach with my special friend Mel.
August winter days have been rather horrible... so having a beautiful weekend like this - huge bonus!  My beautiful Kitty captured this.  Love!

How incredible are these captures of my Kitty girl!
Corks is totally into Creative Portraiture and who better as a subject than Kitty!
So amazing these two when they get together!  I'm so loving them finding their own creativity!

Busy collecting last minute things for my Italy Art Retreat...
Still have a few things to do and get...
Picked up a sweet little daily sling/messenger bag and beautiful pencils... I still need some paints and I still have to get my paper/canvas/journals.

 This weekend at the Cotlands Fundraiser - I discovered this incredible handmade product full of essential oils and natural plant products.  It feels like I found something I have been looking for for the longest time... Just so beautiful!!! And a real spoil.

Even though life has been so crazy - still managing to find beauty in all of it!


  1. Amazing - your art has grown by leaps and bounds!! Such an encouragement for me to keep working at it. . .

  2. Hello there.. Funny..I am getting so excited for you as you'll be travelling away soon..
    Lovely reading your words and feeling so so encouraged Jeanne Marie!!! It is true that this is a journey, no matter what stage we are at!! Seeing your evolution and experiencing the depth of your art is a real privilege!!
    Sending you my warm wishes for your trip!
    Ciao Bella xx

    1. Thank you sweet Caro - it's good to remind ourselves of the journey! Sometimes we get so lost in the now.... that we forget the path we have walked! And the best part is we journey together.... I am soooo loving journeying with you too!