Wednesday, 9 July 2014

#InMyStudio - Back to basics

For the next bit... I'm going back to basics and back to learning.  I will definitely try get some painting in, in between.  But this month I have quite a bit going on.  I have some writing on the cards, classwork (always), work and homework.  I also have a weekend retreat coming up about myths and storytelling, which I'm rather excited about - a friend gifted me this retreat for my 40th... so it's feeling quite special.  And quite in line with this next stage I'm going into.

I found it hard moving back to charcoal - taking on a medium I haven't used for about a year, was so overwhelming.  I can't wait to get to a stage where things don't freak me out so much...  I am finding it happening less and less the more I grow in confidence.  I know this will come the more I practice and learn.

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