Sunday, 13 July 2014

#InMyStudio... beautiful creative play!

Oh my goodness - I thought we were finished!
But she keeps calling me back to go deeper, but seriously, I think I'm finished now!  I'm so stoked with her... I am not sure if the photos do her justice but she's so lovely in real life.  She's up #InMyStudio where I can look at her... I have loved her through all of her stages, all the way through!

I've skirted my studio all weekend - partly because I know I have tutorials to watch and I know I should be doing homework more than painting.  And partly because I had some work work to do... and I feel too guilty to paint if I have obligations.

So today I got my trail run behind me and my obligations out of the way - so I could play a bit.  I've been planning this canvas for a while - it's been once again inspired by my Kimt, The Kiss mug.  I'm not keeping it true to the Klimt image - but it's my rendition.  I'm already in love with her and I'm beyond excited about this piece.  Can't wait to continue the journey with her.

 I've finally started writing again in the morning, I had a bit of a break...  mainly from being too tired to wake up so early, but I am getting back into routine and waking up early to steal as many hours as I can... I have so much to fit into each day!  Yikes... But I am loving it... all of it!

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