Friday, 25 July 2014

#InMyStudio... healing creative play...

It was back to life and back to reality this week... school started up again and nothing like getting back to all that with a bang.  I'm a bit exhausted but taking a moment today to catch my breath and get back on top of the pile and be ready for next week...  After an extremely long day... carting kids to and from hockey and then cross country and still picking up supplies, I crawled home in the dark, had a little soak in the bath and stole a moment at my easel.... nothing like Art to restore the heart!

She was part of my charcoal drawing, I was playing around with the other day.  I unfortunately don't have the capacity to leave charcoal because of the smudging and mess due to my limited space.  So I started adding layers of paint... just so I can store this piece away.  I'm trying to build up a stock of small pieces that I can share as gifts.

This sweet girl has inspired a new painting for me and I can't wait to start working on that... 
I woke up with her on my heart this morning and have drawn her up!
Maybe I will get some stolen moments this weekend to play.
Have a precious weekend!