Saturday, 30 August 2014

#InMyStudio - Journeying, scraping back and finding a new face...

I was just finding her face so hard and stylized and her eyes a little high which was giving her such a masculine face and to me, my lines were just too hard.  Perhaps I was painting so tightly because I have been so tightly wound and rather stressed.
My schedule and the girls schedule has been off the charts and this week, every single night was spent out or we had something on for various reasons... just really stretching!
So when the pressures of this week were behind me and come Friday night - I completely covered her with gesso and I scraped it back until I had a light shadow of her as my under drawing and I started to find a new face... just seeing the difference in these two paintings does reveal much about where I was at and where I am now.
Wow - she was already softer and more beautiful.

Seeing it so tangibly in my painting has shocked me a little.

I left her here last night - already feeling much happier with where she was heading.
She feels so sweet to me!

I spent the most of the day today with my eldest daughter at a fundraiser event for abandoned children and we got to hear amazing inspiring stories of different peoples lives and how they are making a difference.  Incredible!  It certainly did force us to slow down a bit and just listen and take it all in!  So needed.

I only played a little bit tonight... I carried on with the stabilo and gesso but eventually I reached for my colors... just lightly.  I just love her sweetness and innocence.
What a change from that hard face to this gentle feminine gal.
I really learnt a lot this week about how to incorporate pencil into my paintings.  It kind of just added a depth to the shading, the undertones and overtones.
I so enjoyed it!

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