Monday, 19 October 2015

Life in little squares...

When I was in Italy last, Kristin Steiner showed me her tiny Moleskin with grid lines.
And how she captured life in between the tiny little squares.
A year ago, in Orvieto I bought myself one but had no idea how to move forward with it.  In fact, the starkness of the empty blank pages made me hide the book away for a full year.  You might also know this about me - I wasn't always a fan of art-journaling - but it's definitely something I'm growing in this year and I guess this tiny book has been calling my name for sometime.  At last, I spoke to Kristi this weekend and I just loved what she shared with me.
So completely inspired... I have officially started my tiny journey!

Green Stamp - a gift from Renee Plains
Little linen bag made by Jackie Cate
My Moleskin Grid Line Journal from Orvieto.
And the thinnest ink pens.

Seeing as though on Friday I received my Parcel from Bill and Kristi,
with the sweetest tag from them, saying "with love from Orvieto" - 
I thought this was a perfect place to start!
Synchronicity at it's best, in all regards.

I never start on the first page of any journal I have - it's too overwhelming for me.
And as I have always done through the years, I flicked through a few pages before I started!
I'm already in love with it.  The tiny writing, little doodles and ephemera.

My objective... 

To take stock and capture sweet moments in everyday.
Not only the big and momentous things.  But in the small things.
I'm hoping that through stopping to document it - 
I will find gratitude and see abundance in the tiny sequences that might mean nothing much in isolation but a beautiful story when woven together!  And maybe through it, I will find an inner joy in the tiny precious things, in the mundane that we call "this life".


  1. What a great start and I love your "objective". I have one this size that I travel with and sketch people where ever I catch a moment. Now I'm thinking I need this grid paper because I love grids.

    1. Ahhh thank you - I think I love grids too. Oh I remember your sketching book and how you captured people on the train. It's something I have wanted to do... to learn now to sketch on the go... I'm hoping I can learn the skill not only in the seeing but also in the capturing. <3

  2. Oh i remember when Kristi showed us her stunning little journal! I love your idea and your "first" page! i can just imagine a little book full of juiciness ;) xxx