Sunday, 25 October 2015

My week in my review mirror...

My #1faceaday continues.

Almost 2 months left on this project, I can hardly believe it really.  After my graphite month and taking sometime off from painting, getting back into it is taking time.  Like all things - they take practice and consistency.  But I am busy finding my way home.

"Life is like a box of chocolate... you never gonna know what you gonna get"
- Forest Gump

Life really was like that this week... from dealing with difficult Government concerns, to last minute changed schedules with my girls, to my lovely Momma popping into the Cape for a conference - which means I got to hang with her a bit.  I miss her a lot - so it was so good to catch up.
It was a full on week.  Which means come the weekend, I'm exhausted.

It really is always in the small things for me.  So to find a little treat on my desk this week...
#SoGrateful - Thank you!

This week I got to hang with my special art group of gals and some extra's friends of mine that came through from the other side of Cape Town to play.  I'm loving this time together, more and more.   In the beginning it was difficult to get myself out the door and put myself out there creatively... but now it's a time I hugely look forward to monthly!

I am totally in love with this play!  And this time I made a large platter.
My color this time will be Aubergine.  I can barely wait for her to come home.


This winter was one of my worst winter blues, to date.  Getting up and out was almost impossible.  I am not going to lie, it's getting worse as I get older.  It really affected my mood, my creative mojo and my biorhythms.  But I am hoping with the sun shining more these days and just feeling warmer, that it will help my general disposition.

Walking and seeing and feeling again.

Getting out with my family and getting active has given me much joy again these past two weeks.  From walking, to riding my bike, gymming and trail running!  They are game.  They are patient with me as I find my way back to fitness.

I fell today on the trail and Corks was so protective and loving to me.  She picked me up and dusted me off and gave me the easier lines while we ran home.  And when I got home Kitty was too.  I love how they care for me and hate seeing me hurt - their kindness really minister to my heart.  As for throwing myself down a trail at this age is no laughing matter... I'm ouchie tonight!


I am loving painting other things at the moment.  It's not easy learning new things.  But I don't want to get complacent or stuck or bored for that matter.  I've been getting lost here for a bit and I'm quite enjoying it.  I have more building paintings on the cards.

As for this book, suggest to me by Annie Hamman, it is on my reading list -  we are starting a new journal project together in the new year.  Pretty exciting stuff.

I've headed back into the classroom this past week.
I'm working in few courses at the moment...

1.  Art Entwined - Misty Mawn
I've finished all the tutorials but I'm far from done with the class yet.
Still taking notes and doing homework.

2.  Sketchbookery - Mary Anne Moss
Learning the art of sketching on the go with what's in front of you, in pen!
Watching my tutorials, taking notes and doing homework.

3.  Paint and Pixels - Robin Laws and Ivy Newport
Painting and creating on my iPad.  It's literally like learning a new language.
Watching my tutorials, taking notes and doing homework.

4.  Soulful Art - Annie Hamman
Pretty much finished all my Tutorials, just need to do some pieces.
Hoping to combine my Paint and Pixel and Soulful Art homework -
I think they can go hand in hand.

I will pretty much be "in class" until the end of the year and then some for sure.
But pretty happy about it.

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