Saturday, 31 October 2015

Saturday was a creative day... #300 in 1FaceaDay

It was a girlie time this weekend...  And we had a glorious Saturday at home.

I woke up quietly and early on Saturday, I love it when the house is so quiet.  I went out to water the garden, tidied up the garage and house and then proceeded to spend most of my day #inmystudio - in fact I can't remember when last I did that... it was heavenly.  I spent most of day finishing off pieces, fixing up my little online shop and doing kind of arty "admin" stuff.

Corks spent most of her day doing her massive art prac in her room, while I played in my space.

We all took a break to watch a movie together and later Kitty came to read a book to me while I painted.  She's writing a book review.  The soothing melody of being read to is still one of my most favourite things in the world.

I love these quiet gentle moments together.  Finding the calm and rest in the mayhem of life.  It was good for the soul... for all of us.

Happy to say I finished this piece - #300 in #1faceaday.
Felt rather good!  #SoGrateful - it really is in the small things.

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