Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sunday love...

I love Sundays at home and I love weekends at home too.
This was a good weekend for that... 
The weather is finally starting to shift and that always lifts my spirits.
With the sun making a lovely appearance - I was keen to go for a gentle walk on the beach.

Sun, walk, beach and some creative play with my lovelies is always at the top of my list of things to do.  Plus my lovies were all in the mood for an ice-cream on the beach.

We headed to one of our local beach and it was pristine, sheltered from the cold wind and exactly what I was after... 

I got my walk in and took a bunch of pictures and it was not only good for my heart but also good for my bones.  My hips have been giving me some irritations.  I think because I sit so much during the day - they are so stiff and tight.  I am looking at gentle ways to get fit after winter and stretched out.  I need to find something that I can sustain in a way that makes sense.

All in all a happy calm and peaceful Sunday!
So grateful!

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