Saturday, 31 October 2015

Amazing girl...

Can I just say how amazing my daughter is....

This is part of her final art prac for the year.
It is a life size portrait of a person she had to photograph on the streets.
She discovered this interesting girl and asked to film her and is now transferring her onto her canvas.
And her medium of choice - colored pencils.

She's using watercolors as her base in some places and predominately using Derwent Colorsofts.
That's no easy feat - but she's achieving incredible results.

I'm so proud of her.  She sat working on this piece all day on Saturday!
I think she has an amazing gift but more than that - she's such a hard worker.


Saturday was a creative day... #300 in 1FaceaDay

It was a girlie time this weekend...  And we had a glorious Saturday at home.

I woke up quietly and early on Saturday, I love it when the house is so quiet.  I went out to water the garden, tidied up the garage and house and then proceeded to spend most of my day #inmystudio - in fact I can't remember when last I did that... it was heavenly.  I spent most of day finishing off pieces, fixing up my little online shop and doing kind of arty "admin" stuff.

Corks spent most of her day doing her massive art prac in her room, while I played in my space.

We all took a break to watch a movie together and later Kitty came to read a book to me while I painted.  She's writing a book review.  The soothing melody of being read to is still one of my most favourite things in the world.

I love these quiet gentle moments together.  Finding the calm and rest in the mayhem of life.  It was good for the soul... for all of us.

Happy to say I finished this piece - #300 in #1faceaday.
Felt rather good!  #SoGrateful - it really is in the small things.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Half of my #100faces challenge framed up...

My 50 #TeaBagGirls are framed up together and home.
As Robin Laws says... keeping each other company and discussing life.
I love that the are together and in display to see and look at.
Not stacked on top of each other hiding #inmystudio.
Now I have to find a space for them.
My house is starting to look like a gallery or a studio, I have pieces everywhere.
Every now and again I have to regroup and declutter the art so it doesn't take over the rest of life and home...
But otherwise - I'm #delighted

Thank you Sharon for this challenge and to the #100facetribe for this journey together.
I am actually really looking forward to doing my next 50 #TeaBagGirls

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

I've been invited.....

Annetolie - "Lie's Behind"

Look what arrived today...

My invitation to my sweet friends Exhibition.

Eeeeck I'm sooooo thrilled for her!

And for me....  counting the sleeps.

See you soon buddy!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Riding the promenade...

We headed to the beachfront promenade for a ride...
On these bikes with reverse pedal brakes - it was like revisiting our childhood.
Lots of squeals and giggles, a definite gear shift.
The weather was perfect and we rode for an hour and 20 mins and it was glorious.
I can't remember when last I did something that made me so happy!

Getting to hang with these lovely gals.  Wends and I go back to Grade 10.
Lots of history and stories and life between us <3

What's your truth?

 After a shower and lunch,
I got to have some Truth time with my Kitty girl.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Empathy vs Sympathy...

Empathy vs Sympathy - Brene Brown

I saw this today... and I was blown away by it's profound simplicity.

In light of the year we are having and the losses we have encountered this year alone...
I would like to think I know the difference between empathy and sympathy - but when there is so much pain, esp a pain I'm finding hard to truly grasp the depth of because I haven't endured that level of loss, therefore probably not that level of pain either.  I feel completely inadequate and although I'm not a fan of platitudes, at all - it's been a challenge to know what to say or how to be.

"We aren't going to do empathy perfectly every time."
This was a simple reminder - that we don't have all the answers, if any at all.

My week in my review mirror...

My #1faceaday continues.

Almost 2 months left on this project, I can hardly believe it really.  After my graphite month and taking sometime off from painting, getting back into it is taking time.  Like all things - they take practice and consistency.  But I am busy finding my way home.

"Life is like a box of chocolate... you never gonna know what you gonna get"
- Forest Gump

Life really was like that this week... from dealing with difficult Government concerns, to last minute changed schedules with my girls, to my lovely Momma popping into the Cape for a conference - which means I got to hang with her a bit.  I miss her a lot - so it was so good to catch up.
It was a full on week.  Which means come the weekend, I'm exhausted.

It really is always in the small things for me.  So to find a little treat on my desk this week...
#SoGrateful - Thank you!

This week I got to hang with my special art group of gals and some extra's friends of mine that came through from the other side of Cape Town to play.  I'm loving this time together, more and more.   In the beginning it was difficult to get myself out the door and put myself out there creatively... but now it's a time I hugely look forward to monthly!

I am totally in love with this play!  And this time I made a large platter.
My color this time will be Aubergine.  I can barely wait for her to come home.


This winter was one of my worst winter blues, to date.  Getting up and out was almost impossible.  I am not going to lie, it's getting worse as I get older.  It really affected my mood, my creative mojo and my biorhythms.  But I am hoping with the sun shining more these days and just feeling warmer, that it will help my general disposition.

Walking and seeing and feeling again.

Getting out with my family and getting active has given me much joy again these past two weeks.  From walking, to riding my bike, gymming and trail running!  They are game.  They are patient with me as I find my way back to fitness.

I fell today on the trail and Corks was so protective and loving to me.  She picked me up and dusted me off and gave me the easier lines while we ran home.  And when I got home Kitty was too.  I love how they care for me and hate seeing me hurt - their kindness really minister to my heart.  As for throwing myself down a trail at this age is no laughing matter... I'm ouchie tonight!


I am loving painting other things at the moment.  It's not easy learning new things.  But I don't want to get complacent or stuck or bored for that matter.  I've been getting lost here for a bit and I'm quite enjoying it.  I have more building paintings on the cards.

As for this book, suggest to me by Annie Hamman, it is on my reading list -  we are starting a new journal project together in the new year.  Pretty exciting stuff.

I've headed back into the classroom this past week.
I'm working in few courses at the moment...

1.  Art Entwined - Misty Mawn
I've finished all the tutorials but I'm far from done with the class yet.
Still taking notes and doing homework.

2.  Sketchbookery - Mary Anne Moss
Learning the art of sketching on the go with what's in front of you, in pen!
Watching my tutorials, taking notes and doing homework.

3.  Paint and Pixels - Robin Laws and Ivy Newport
Painting and creating on my iPad.  It's literally like learning a new language.
Watching my tutorials, taking notes and doing homework.

4.  Soulful Art - Annie Hamman
Pretty much finished all my Tutorials, just need to do some pieces.
Hoping to combine my Paint and Pixel and Soulful Art homework -
I think they can go hand in hand.

I will pretty much be "in class" until the end of the year and then some for sure.
But pretty happy about it.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Life in little squares...

When I was in Italy last, Kristin Steiner showed me her tiny Moleskin with grid lines.
And how she captured life in between the tiny little squares.
A year ago, in Orvieto I bought myself one but had no idea how to move forward with it.  In fact, the starkness of the empty blank pages made me hide the book away for a full year.  You might also know this about me - I wasn't always a fan of art-journaling - but it's definitely something I'm growing in this year and I guess this tiny book has been calling my name for sometime.  At last, I spoke to Kristi this weekend and I just loved what she shared with me.
So completely inspired... I have officially started my tiny journey!

Green Stamp - a gift from Renee Plains
Little linen bag made by Jackie Cate
My Moleskin Grid Line Journal from Orvieto.
And the thinnest ink pens.

Seeing as though on Friday I received my Parcel from Bill and Kristi,
with the sweetest tag from them, saying "with love from Orvieto" - 
I thought this was a perfect place to start!
Synchronicity at it's best, in all regards.

I never start on the first page of any journal I have - it's too overwhelming for me.
And as I have always done through the years, I flicked through a few pages before I started!
I'm already in love with it.  The tiny writing, little doodles and ephemera.

My objective... 

To take stock and capture sweet moments in everyday.
Not only the big and momentous things.  But in the small things.
I'm hoping that through stopping to document it - 
I will find gratitude and see abundance in the tiny sequences that might mean nothing much in isolation but a beautiful story when woven together!  And maybe through it, I will find an inner joy in the tiny precious things, in the mundane that we call "this life".

Sunday, 18 October 2015

My ceramics came home...

I'm happy to say these guys came home this weekend.
It was a wonderful experiment of creative play and I am thrilled with the outcome.
I look forward to some more of this kind of play at some stage
and perhaps some more adventurous designs.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

I have some pretty awesome friends....

I have a few friends running some new online courses at the moment... all of which I can totally vouch for.  I love what's going on and I'm truly blown away by their courage to step out into the teaching realm.  I don't think it's an easy bridge to cross.
So I'm pretty stoked for them.

Jenny Lee Wentworth - The Painted Face

Robin Laws and Ivy Newport teach together here in Paint & Pixels!
I know this class is Sold Out but they both have a number of other classes they are also involved in.

And the sweetheart, Annie Hamman and fellow Capetonian friend!
Teaching Art with a Story.

Keep going guys, you are amazing and I am uber proud of you all!

Friday, 16 October 2015

I got mail today...

All the way from Orvieto, to the USA and finally home to me...
Happy dance on this side of the world - it's literally been a 5 month journey!

My little signature cards from Lamberto's printing press in Orvieto arrived today,
Courtesy of Bill and Kristi Steiner from Adventures in Italy!

Oh my goodness I am so grateful - I thought they were lost forever.

A few weeks back this beautiful piece arrived from Aussie from my lovely friend and fellow artists, Caro (Zigador).  And I love her work and now I have one of her original pieces.  I am so grateful for the community I'm part of and I love how we journey together.

I wouldn't say our postal service is back up and running, by no means.
It's still a disaster.  I've been struggling for over a year now.

I will share more about this later.
But for now - I have a little smile on my face for the post I did receive today!

I've been painting some...

Painting on Plastersheets.

1FaceaDay - the journey continues!

 It feels good to be playing here again...
I've missed my brushes and it's been good to be gently moving forward..

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

These guys...

In light of life this year... and it's tender fragility.
I am being conscious about doing this more.
Stolen moments together and even more so - capturing them.

We keep this love in a photograph.
We make these memories for ourselves.
Where our eyes are never closing, hearts are never broken.
Time is frozen still - Ed Sheeran

Yup - frozen still would be pretty cool.
Can I do that please?  Stop the bus for just for a moment... on these beautiful smiles.

Sometimes we have the best times just cruising around together in the car.
I never take it for granted.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sunday love...

I love Sundays at home and I love weekends at home too.
This was a good weekend for that... 
The weather is finally starting to shift and that always lifts my spirits.
With the sun making a lovely appearance - I was keen to go for a gentle walk on the beach.

Sun, walk, beach and some creative play with my lovelies is always at the top of my list of things to do.  Plus my lovies were all in the mood for an ice-cream on the beach.

We headed to one of our local beach and it was pristine, sheltered from the cold wind and exactly what I was after... 

I got my walk in and took a bunch of pictures and it was not only good for my heart but also good for my bones.  My hips have been giving me some irritations.  I think because I sit so much during the day - they are so stiff and tight.  I am looking at gentle ways to get fit after winter and stretched out.  I need to find something that I can sustain in a way that makes sense.

All in all a happy calm and peaceful Sunday!
So grateful!

Thursday, 8 October 2015


I am part of a monthly art group.
We meet together in the City and we do creative things in and around Cape Town.
The past few sessions we have been playing in ceramics.
And I'm utterly in love with it.
I find it playful, therapeutic and captivating.
Making practical things for around the house, in a creative way!
Well I love that.

A bit of a series!
Royal blue and sky blue - they will come out completely different fired.
But blue and white seem to be my colors this year!
Can't wait for these to arrive all fired and shiny!

I will keep you posted!

Sunday, 4 October 2015

#1FaceADay - one of my faves

This may be one of my favourite faces in this project.
But definitely for September.
I'm totally in love with squiggling.
And that you can capture emotion in a few squiggles.
Love that!

Saturday, 3 October 2015

#1FaceADay - September as a whole

I am so thrilled with this collection of faces.
They felt expressive, emotional and deep.
I has been a rather interesting mini project to do within #1FaceaDay

I'm working on my October faces - will share more about it soon.
I have decided to also stick to a theme, as I did for September.