Monday, 2 September 2013

A little DIY... goes a long way!!!

So it feels like August has been my month for DIY - mainly finishing old jobs that I had started and hadn't finished... sound familiar to the many stories I have shared here.  I'm always working hard on finishing pieces and projects!!!!  So I guess when it comes to DIY - this has been no different.

I also had some new DIY projects that have been on the cards for some time...  August has also been about decluttering and reclaiming space for new things and getting rid of some tired pieces of furniture and sourcing some new ones!!  The palette has been of a different kind but it still feels like creativity!  And the results have made me feel quite peaceful!

I bought this long workbench 2 years ago and 18months ago I mosaiced it.
But it needed to be painted.  That got done this month!
Our 100 year old kitchen is largish but has hardly any work-surfaces.
I've found the whole family keeps congregating around this island which I just love!
I found this matching corner workbench online for next to nothing... and gave it a makeover
It's going next to the stove to house the gas-bottle and serves as another workstation!
There is a little nook in this kitchen and I also bought an antique table 2 years ago that is also now finished!
Loving that we are keeping the kitchen organic and slightly farm style!

I found this Swedish Dining Table at a corner antique store down the road.
I have been wanting to paint it white for the past two years... Need I say more...
It's a clean and simple... and I love this uncluttered space.
90% of the time it's just the four of us for dinner -
so we opted for a more intimate space for meals!
In the next few months my very beautiful dining chairs will arrive - can hardly wait!

 This month we sold our lounge furniture as the pieces were just too big for our 100 year old house/cottage and they were a little tired too!  They saw us through our babies, toddling years and more and through our puppies too and I guess it was just time for a more grown up feel!  I was thrilled to say I sold them quickly online and yesterday we ordered our new lounge pieces and although they will take some time to arrive - it sure is exciting to have redressed this area!  We have gone for very simple clean colors that will complement the cottage feel of this house and match the tones that much of the house seem to have taken on!  Can't wait to share more about this!

It isn't easy living in a 100 year old house... It comes with lots of issues, weird and pokey spaces.  And I guess it's where we find ourselves right now.  So we are trying to make the best / most of this time!  And making our space a bit more beautiful will certainly help on the hard days!

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