Sunday, 8 September 2013

#InMyStudio - A hop skip and a jump into #Week5

She was amazing to do!
I loved her story and her simplicity!

I didn't realize that I had hopped, skipped and jumped right into Week 5.  I thought I had done my tutorials for Week 3 and 4 but when I  went back I discovered that I had accidentally missed Week 4 and had actually done Week 3 and 5.  So I will go back this week to Week 4.

But I completely fell in love with Week 5 - Giovanni Boldini.  I think I love the drama of every piece he did!  And Sharon's tutorials were delightful this week.  She had me giggling and she is a wealth of information and shares it so willingly.  Thank you Sharon!!  I still have her lesson to do in my DiaryofFaces of Boldini but my page is all prepped and ready and so is my page ready for Week 3.

I just couldn't help squeeze in my rendition of one of Giovanni's pieces.  She spoke to me and I knew I had to paint her.  I wanted to do big painting and one in my Diary...  And I have to say I'm thrilled with her!!  What I joy I had in my studio this afternoon!

My two pieces together

My DiaryofFaces ArtJournal Spread


  1. So love this. As I saw that you started on Boldini I thought... what happened to the others? Did I miss that? Now I know. :) They will come later.

    I´m on Krogh now, as you may know. But me and him do not work well together. Think I´ll skip him and do some others instead. Gathered some interesting paintings last night.

    You got me to start a new journal. Ive searched the web for a good watercolor journal that is not landscape size. But it ended with me doing my own journal instead. Planing on filling it with my verisons of other artists faces. Love your sleeves. So good to make it like that. Im planing on writing down some information about the artist as well and perhaps the painting in it self too - if I can find it.

    1. good for you - keep going and look forward to see what else you do! I will continue this week with my homework assignments and lessons!
      Hugs my friend!

  2. You did a wonderful job with this one. I LOVE Boldini so much and agree with you about the drama of every piece. I'm trying to get back to my Diary of Faces now. Maybe I should start with another Boldini.

    Thanks for your sweet words.

    1. Thanks so much Sharon! That really means so much to me. I love what you say about your Muse calling you to do certain things! And it's the only way I can explain this piece! When I saw her, I knew I had to paint her! Love it when that happens!


  3. I played a game with Faithy on Friday where we looked at all the women she had drawn (with her fashions) and made up stories about what they were like by looking at their faces.
    Your two side by side paintings brought that all back - the expressions, specially in the eyes, of these two . . .
    The big one, slightly aloof and blasé but willing (sigh) to engage you
    The little one - so sweet, genuine and interested. You would fear for her if you were her mother, thinking the world is too hard a place for one so gentle.
    Sheesh - this reading of faces threatens to become somewhat addictive :-)

    1. wow - I love that you can do that and that you do that with Faithy! Totally addictive! Sharon told stories with each of her postcards - what each one told her! And I believe incorporating history! Kitty is helping me create my stories. She had a similar history project like that this term... I think it will be wonderful writing about each one.... <3