Friday, 13 September 2013

My week in a nutshell....

About a week ago my sweet friend Renee Plains added some pieces to her online-shop and we decided to do a swap!  And my exquisite print arrived this week!!!  Happy to say that Renee also received my package this week too!  Love that we can connect and share art across the oceans!  This beautiful piece is framed up already an in my bedroom right next to a Misty and Betty original!  Happy Heart!

I will share more about this piece soon!  This sweet gal was just a quick easy piece I did for fun.  I did this piece mainly because I wanted to film the whole process.  The whole process took about 30 mins to paint up!  I'm busy editing it and adding music but that is completely new ground for me.  So it's slow going!  There is no talking because I am not a teacher, in the slightest, I guess it's more about showing how the painting evolves... and for the most part my head is in the way {blush}.  But can't wait to share it because if nothing else was quite fun!!!

Digz and Kitty had a school date this week building a robotic animal together.  They won a prize because their gadget won the race.  Which was quite fun for them!!!  So that left Corks and I to have an evening to ourselves so we went to our fav restaurant for dinner and spent the evening chatting and looking at photo editing pages and softwares!!  Precious moments with our beautiful girls!  Constantly creating ways to stay connected meaningfully through the teen years!

It's been a tough week work wise!  I didn't have much time at all #InMyStudio!  I know there are times like that - so I just went with it!  But I managed to keep our commitments low-key for the weekend so that I could steal sometime and also finish all my obligations... like ironing etc.
Being able to create art guilt free is the way I love to do it!

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