Friday, 13 December 2013

#InMyStudio... getting in the mood to paint

I haven't done much painting the past two weeks... because life has been so hectic.
When I've had a bit of a gap - I like to just mess about and get myself into the mood.
I packed up a lot of items to send off this week... I think my last big send off before Christmas,
and I came across these two old pieces that I haven't really been happy with.

As you can see I've been struggling through this piece through the months.
I've changed her three times now.
But I'm finally happy with her.
Her eyes are finally right and I absolutely love where her hair ended.
And I'm loving the consolidated background much more... it kind of brings it together for me.
I love the depth of this shot below.

I didn't mind the one below - I just wasn't wowed by her but the dramatic red changes her vibe completely.
I did fix aspects of her - her eyes, her jawline and mouth, oh and of course I completely changed her hair.
I love her new hairstyle - she actually looks rather old fashioned... which I just love!

 My daughter asked me if I'm in a "bright" mood because both these pieces are bright...
Hahaha - I guess they are fun and different - the best part is that #creativeplay the past two nights,
certainly has got me back #InMyStudio - and that is indeed, very bright!


  1. Oh they are gorgeous... I just adore the first one... what a beauty she is.... there is such depth to her... and yes the red is perfect on the second... she is a sweetie...

    Jenny ♥