Thursday, 5 December 2013

Misty Love

About two weeks ago I bought a little Christmas present for myself... yes I do that every year!

This beautiful girl that Misty called "The Girl with the Flower in her Hair"
Could there be any other place that she belonged, other than with me.  Besides her name - I love her to bits!
Misty was selling some stocking fillers in her Etsy shop and they sold like hotcakes and I managed to get one before they all sold out... well she arrived yesterday!

I swear every time I get a beautiful package from Misty it's like a sacred parcel.
Not only were there extra printed postcards for me (I have a beautiful collection now)
but there was an extra girl that Misty included for me... her words "she wanted to come live with me".
I love that so much - your ladies are always welcome Misty!

It really was a Misty day yesterday because she also announced her new online course called "FullCircle".
I absolutely love what she will be teaching next year!
When Digz asked me what I wanted for Christmas - it was a no-brainer.
So last night he booked me on!!  Thanks Babes!
I got my Christmas Presents early this year!!!