Sunday, 8 December 2013

Quiet and Gentle Weekend...

Nothing gets you quicker into a relaxed summer holiday feeling than hitting the beach on a beautiful day!  After Digs' ride and my morning pages - we headed out for a beautiful drive and an hour on the beach... which actually turned into two hours!  We travelled light so it was more spontaneous!
Digs and Kitty spent some time in the water (as long as humanly possible without their wetsuits)!
And Corks and I did some walking and talking and mainly catching rays!
We have all been exhausted and a bit end of year edgy!
But nothing like some hours on the beach to bring in the "chill" factor!
We had forced rest this weekend.  Afternoon naps, reading, blogging, chatting and listening to music!
I didn't do much painting this weekend, but did work on my #Project40 blog and I am happy to say I'm halfway with my SelfPortrait captures but almost halfway with my writings.
Although Digs and I aren't on holiday yet - we are starting to unwind!
All in all - a beautiful weekend.

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