Monday, 31 August 2015

#InMyStudio - 50 of 100Faces

I've only got half way in my 100Faces project,
that my sweet friend, Sharon Tomilson started last year.
I have kind of put it on hold a little bit this year as I'm busy with #AFaceADay
But I'm so grateful for these 50 #TeaBagGirls.
Seeing them all laid out like this... made my heart skip a beat.
I want to get these 50 framed up and I'm busy getting advice from framers as to how I will do it to best preserve these sweet little TeaBags.

I hope that I will be able to find the courage to finish this project and do the next 50...

This is what beautiful story-writer Robin Laws, wrote about these girls altogether...

"framing and how to hang such abundance is a mystery!
One that by all means should be solved so that these beauties can get some fresh air together,
have little chats across the row, lean over to look at what their neighbor is wearing...
You know just girl stuff!"

I love this story... thank you Robin.

And to all out there - thank you for journeying with me through these 50!