Sunday, 30 August 2015

#InMyStudio... "Found in Italy"

I started this piece 12 weeks ago and I kind of loved it but also didn't (below left).
I got to this point but didn't really know how to move forward.
The empty background was bugging me and the lack of details and the shape of her body.

I love detail work.  And much was missing on this piece.
To me, there was no areas of interest or story.

So I just started playing by adding beads... and making big hair, lots of doodles.
But I've done that a lot lately.  I have been studying other artists backgrounds.
And something I've been waiting to try for ages, is working buildings in.

I asked my sweet friend Renee Plains, if I could study some of her building work and incorporate it into this piece.  She loved the idea.  I haven't shared this on social media yet because I wanted to show Renee first.  I only wish I could have had sweet Renee sitting along side me instead of doing this virtually.

I love how a piece organically changes as you keep digging deeper.
I lost the one arm and one by one the birds started to disappear.
I started blocking in the buildings (below right).  But eventually we found our way together.
I love how it's completely different to how I imagined, I never imagined Italy in this piece.

And I'm absolutely in love with this fact.
I'm keeping it up right now... reminding me about Italy, our beautiful Orvieto.
Hard to believe a year ago we were prepping to go... again.  I guess in a way it's symbolic.
Symbolic of my journey the past 3 years or so... the teachings, the peer-learning and the journey.
I'm so deeply grateful.

I do love the big hair and the lines and doodles.
Things I've been exploring lately.


  1. Enjoyed the journey of this piece. Great editting. She is beautiful

    1. Thanks so much my friend. I so needed to journey a bit. <3

  2. i'm completely blown away at how this piece evolved. very brave, i love how you follow your gut and push on when you don't completely love it and i of course i love the bits of Italy in it... stunning work buddy! xxx

    1. thank you my friend. I so loved putting Italy in there. I am going to go back to my images for inspiration and maybe do some pieces around this theme. <3