Monday, 10 August 2015

1FaceaDay continues - post 7 months...

My journey continues...
I haven't yet shared my full month of July because I just haven't had a gap...
but August continues and me with it.   It has felt gentler on me this month.

I've fallen in love again, with the journey.... which I really needed.

I'm playing with pencils and color.

Since I got back from my leave, I haven't felt much for painting.
So I've been ticking over with 1FaceaDay and photography.
Trying to figure out how I'm going to move forward... I am still figuring that out.
I'm not sure we ever really know - but move in ebbs and lows.
But of now... I'm dabbling and that has to be enough for now.

I love this quirky one #221
Corks forbid me to touch any more.
I agreed.  I think this one was perfect, right here.

Another quirky one... 
Maybe August will be my quirky month!


  1. so glad Corks stopped you! i absolutely love the quirkiness coming through! and i am so grateful you are in love with the journey again! I too felt a little dip lately... half way blues? let's do this my friend!!! big hugs!

  2. I LOVE 221!! Quirky is great!