Sunday, 23 August 2015

A little walk in the forest...

I love that we have a forest literally in our backyard...
well, almost... for walks, trial runs and more.

It's so beautiful and quiet, that sometimes I forget that we are actually in the city.
The weather was mild and my friend from out of town was visiting and she loves walking.
So we hit the forest and chatted and walked for a few hours.
And got to take some lovely photos.

When I do this - it feels like I'm stealing back a little bit of time that gets robbed from me daily!
So good for my soul!

This little vehicle tickled me pink.
I love the innovative ways people are finding to make an income in Cape Town.
I love this capture... his dog, the banana trees in the background.
For a brief moment - it feels like a scene right out of Hawaii.

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