Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Family, birthdays, weddings and then some...

It's been a busy two weeks with family gatherings and weddings and and and...
Digz family are out from Canada for a long overdue visit.  5 Years has been a long stretch.
And timing was perfect because it was Digz' older sister's wedding.

It was a beautiful and special celebration!
Being a mature wedding - it had such a real and special vibe!
There was such a deep sense of joy and love, that was tangible.
It was the first wedding my girls have gone to and boy, oh boy, did we have fun together.
After the busy hecticness of our lives lately, having fun together was a priority.
And we did, we danced until midnight, all of us!
My girls were such fun to dance all night with!
Feeling so grateful!

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  1. Your girls are stunning and great family shots.