Monday, 24 February 2014

#InMyStudio - bits of creative play

It feels like getting "down-time" and time InMyStudio is a bit of a luxury at the moment.
It's been so busy!  Too busy.  Desperately trying to get a grip of time running my life.

Photographic homework
Discovering a whole bunch of new phone iphotography apps. 
This week was learning about depth of field and focus!
Loved it.  Plan to play more.
Still seeking The Quiet every moment I can
Journal Homework
I haven't done my homeage art journal yet.
I am still busy filling my pages in my OldBook - which I'm just loving at this stage.
Filing my OldBook, one page at a time
Painting Homework
I was so moved by Week 4's Sunflowr Spontaneous homework and I had been hoping to paint this all week.
I had a collage all ready and waiting.  After some creative play in my OldBook...
I grabbed my brush before excuses got in the way.
I have to say - what a joy to paint this... it was supposed to be fast, fun and spontaneous!
And it was.  I switched between my paints and neocolors.  Such free play!  LOVED it!
I have another flowr painting planned... but here's the WIP shots.

Wow - after a tough week - she really did bring some sunshine into
my day and really cheered me up!
So loved using the blue in this piece.
For years my daughter has been asking me what's my favorite color and
for years I have just always answered "you" because truth be told, I just didn't know.
I liked certain colors like Red but I wasn't sure it was my fav.
But I think I finally know - that I absolutely love this BLUE, as you can see above.
And when I play with my Neo's it's always the first color I go for!
It's been a long journey to get to this point.
But I am so loving that this color is coming into some of my paintings.
I guess it's part of discovering who I am!  It's totally in the small things! :-)

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