Tuesday, 11 February 2014

#InMyStudio - ADayintheLifeofFlowrs

A Day in the Life

A stolen day
Just for me.
It's my birthday!
Beautiful Butterfly Kisses
and Cuddles in bed
Cool Misty Morning, so grateful!
Over my beautiful mountain and sea
Seeing that daily is so special for me.
Breakfast with my love
Quiet moments, to myself.
A slow drive into the city
A gentle walk by the harbor
A beautiful hour in the presence of Da Vinci
And his Mona! Was like heaven to me.
A soya latte - my treat!
Sweet messages all day, are beautiful to me.
A little shopping spree
Precious moments InMyStudio
Because it's my birthday
A day stolen, just for me!
A little poem and photographic homework for the week
Poem writing isn't my forte and it's not something I'm ever comfortable with.  So I kept it loose and easy just giving you a glimpse into my day... but am pushing myself to at least try the poem writing part of this course.

The assignment was to capture moments in my day and make a collage that tells a story.

Funny enough I found it harder than I was expecting... but living consciously is always something I'm striving for.  Capturing moments in each day that tell a story is beautiful and it makes you so aware not to take anything for granted.
I love that about the smartphones - the camera is always readily available!

Even when you look like a tourist in your own city!

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