Friday, 13 June 2014

#InMyStudio - Creative play!!!!

We had a strange week - power outages, major car services and repairs, business trips, fighting virus' and extreme cold weather.  Needless to say - it just felt like a cold bitter struggle.  We are heading into the mountains for a long weekend away to do some trial running and mountain biking in very cold temperatures.  I am totally having race entry anxiety and remorse due to not enough training and well, I always have remorse entering races - they just seem to do my nerves in.... after years and years of racing... I don't fully understand why?  Regardless of my fitness and the cold, I'm definitely running or walking but I'm doing it #facingmyfears.  And my baby girl is racing and it's her first 10km race and I'm dying to see how she does.

As much as I adore going away - it also does means 4 days out of my studio - eeeck!  A four day weekend are the moments I usually maximize #InMyStudio!  But I have a bag packed to do some writing, journaling and practice drawings and some knitting.  Long cold days by the fire - nothing better than little things to do.

I managed to squeeze in a chunk of studio time yesterday to just play and work on old pieces that I had long since abandoned - bringing new life... what a joy!

This is one I stared a long time ago but I just couldn't get her right...

Much happier with her now!

This one I started in Italy in 2012 - I didn't have a grasp on Acrylics yet, so I tried to finish her with NeoColors, which was okay but it still bothered me that she wasn't where i wanted her to be.  But I am happy to say, I managed to finish her last night.

This is exactly where I wanted her to be!  So thrilled!
I remember Misty telling me some things in Italy, what to do to make the earrings look less flat and the face and eyes... I know it's not easy to teach these things to people who just can't see it - I am happy to say after two years of practicing - I'm starting to grasp those concepts and see things I never saw before... I guess it's about getting my eye in.  I have to be honest - each time, I sit down with my paintbrush - I learn new things!
That to me is what makes this journey so exciting!

Funny enough, I also started this in Italy in 2012 and I also finished her in NeoColors but today she got some gesso and much needed facelift and make over...
I loved the piece but there were aspects I weren't happy with.  It's wonderful to just play and whatever happens happens.

Anyway - I'm off to pack - have a beautiful weekend everyone!


  1. i love how bravely you go back to your paintings and i love how once you've reworked them there is a new sense of gentle strength, confidence. enchanting!

    1. Thank you Anne - I always used to be afraid to go back, thinking I would never find my way out - I don't know when exactly, I started venturing back... these days when I am nervous to start a complete new pieces - I warm up on my old pieces... I guess each new session in my studio - I learn more and gain more confidence. I guess it's what keeps me going back for me... Thank you for your kind words <3

  2. i love the strength combined with the softness in your women. your true spirit seems to shine through. i too have been so busy with life and anything that takes me away from my easel will also make me cringe a little…even though i know i'll be clearer when i return. it would be so easy to slip right out of life & into painting all the time…but balance is better. hope you are feeling well now pretty lady! kelly

    1. Thank you my friend - you are and were absolutely right, of course. The break was so good for me. I had a wonderful relaxed weekend away and it was exactly what I needed. Balance is so important. We are feeling better, nothing like a little trial run to sort things out! It was a precious weekend. So very grateful.
      Hope you are doing well.... and that life isn't too busy for you!