Sunday, 29 June 2014

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It's winter holidays... thank goodness!  You might think Summer holidays are my fav.  I guess they are my fav time of year but winter holidays are by far my best school holidays.  It's 3 glorious weeks at home.  When it's cold and dark for the better part of the day - nothing is better than staying at home, under the covers... watching movies, reading, doing art and sitting by the fire.  Sipping on hot chicken soup, with warm bread or munching on lamb stew.  I love this time for and with my girls.  We are half way through the school year and we have survived a busy term of exams and assignments and really settling into our routines.  Both my girls did exceptionally well this term and more so than their marks, they are working exceptionally hard.  It's all I ask for.  To me the secret to success will always be a sound work ethic and seeing both my girls have this - is a beautiful gift!!

So I am quite restless.  Maybe because a move is on our horizon... we have been waiting to house hunt until we know what high school Kitty has been accepted into and we have just sold our old house and that's about to be finalized in the next day or two.  So change is imminent.   But I have had a huge urge to simplify more (again) and winter clean.  So we have started off our holidays with a good clean out and a shuffle around!  It's definitely helped me feel more settled and more in control about our surroundings.  We should get our high school letter in the next week or so - needless to say we are sitting on the edge of our seats.  In among winter cleaning and sorting out spaces we have been doing art (of course), having Corks as an art student now means I have a partner in my art studio only during the holidays, which I just love.  And Kitty is always with us, listening to stories.  Telling us stories and being part of our creativity... I'm waiting for her to find her own way with her creativity and she's just started instagraming and taking pics... so lets see.

The three of us have worked out our holiday training program which we are all very excited about.  Training in the week together is challenging because of our schedules - so we need to maximize our holidays.

I booked my ticket for Italy this week - I won't write about it too much here - check it out on my Italy 2014 blog... but it's getting super exciting and the communications with the group have started and I'm already loving it!  Google picture.

Okay - off to get back into my tutorials, change a load of washing, finish and serve my Sunday stew... oh yes and go for a quick run!  Chat soon!!!

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