Sunday, 22 June 2014

Operation clean up and finish up... #InMyStudio

My easel has been so crowded lately because I have had so many unfinished pieces and some pieces drying etc etc.  But I needed to tidy up and finish up before the new week started.  I have some online courses to get back into and start... and I've been playing so nicely but I need to get back to structured learning.
I'm feeling excited!

I wanted to finish my Mandala Girl's wing and I wanted to change the color of her flowrs - I needed a break from the orange/copper.  I'm so stoked with this piece - there is something about her that really speaks to me.  I think it's her quiet strength, maybe because she's so protective... I've decided to call her The Guardian!

 This piece has been worked on about 3 or 4 times.  She was one of the first acrylics I ever did and I'm finally happy with her.  With all the layers and with some scrapping back - I found beautiful colors and layers underneath - I'm loving playing like this - it's new for me.  She's very emotive - I have called her Soul Sister.

I still can't believe this painting of mine sold - we journeyed together so much.
I remember trying to sell her in her early stages - I now understand she wasn't ready.  In away, I feel kind of bitter sweet about saying goodbye to her - she kind of represents the start of my journey, in some ways.  But I'm so thrilled about where she's going.  I had her up in my hallway - and sometimes felt her eyes followed me around.  Sending her with much love!

Having a clear studio and easel has been such a relief and given me much excitement for new lessons, new projects and blank canvas'.... eeeck.

We had such a beautiful close family weekend and after all the exams, assignments, projects and events going on - it was good to regroup.   Long slow mornings, cuddling in bed together, long chats.  Went to see a movie together and sitting by the fire.  I love these kind of weekends.  The girls are almost on holidays!  And I absolutely love winter holidays because when it's so dark and cold - nothing better than snuggling down instead of rushing to school.


  1. I just LOVE your paintings - I've favourited several on Etsy :)
    I'm also doing Gillian's Unearth e-course, so it's lovely to visit your home in Blogland... I've become a Follower :)
    I especially love Soul Sister - she really speaks to me... If only I had a spare £50, I'd give a home straightaway!!
    Blessings from England x

    1. so wonderful to see you and meet you here - thank you for the encouragement and support. I popped over to your blog and I think I'm following too. I am still busy with the tutorials and of course, I'm behind schedule, whenever I start a new course - I get so overwhelmed and then all I do is avoid. It's a nasty habit I have. Eeeck but I will get my head straight. I loved your blog too - it's a beautiful space and as someone else said, it feels sacred! Look forward to getting to know you better.
      Much love Flowrs. <3

    2. I'm the same - I get overwhelmed, then I freeze...
      I'm trying to have a different approach with the course - I keep telling myself I have 2 YEARS to access all Gillian's brilliant teaching, so there really isn't any pressure...
      So I'm trying to listen and take my time...
      Thank you for visiting my blog too :)
      I saw Soul Sister sold on Etsy - I'm not surprised - she's very beautiful!
      Enjoy your week :)

    3. Dear Claire - that's exactly the approach I'm taking - I want to work slowly and deeply. I want to do all the written work before I move on. I've watched all of week1 but I want to do all the homework before I move on. No pressure. I also want to be kind to myself in the process.
      Yes I'm sorry that Soul Sister sold - she sold right after you wrote to me. I wanted to let you know. Maybe one day a new piece will pop up for you! See you in class... Hugs
      Have a beautiful weekend.