Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Weekend Bliss...

We arrived in Greyton quite late to our little spot under the mountains and headed straight to register for our races and headed out for a late dinner together, all eight of us.

There was a warm berg wind blowing, which made it so beautiful to walk around this little village at night but it also meant rain was coming.  There was such a wonderful vibe in town!  Love race festivities.

After an early to bed and early to rise, we all headed to our races... 

Corks, Jono and I were doing the 10kms trail run, Merril and Dougie, the 21km trail run and Digz was mountain biking, the last leg in his series event.  Kitty and Jords were our supporters.  It was cold, windy, and stormy but it was fun!

This was my view while running (around 9.30am) - breathtaking!
I was so stoked with my baby girl who was the first young lady home in the U18 category and she won her first trophy!  Dig and the rest came in and all in all it was a good race day.  Near the end of prize giving, the heavens opened up and that was that - it continued to rain the rest of the day and night!  So we head back to our little rented spot to curl up next to the fire!!!  To rest, read and rest... did I mention, rest!

I can't believe how much we rested and chilled and how tired we actually were.  We headed to bed early every night and slept late and we didn't do anything substantial.  We stayed indoors and Sunday we woke up and had a loooong breakfast, in the beautiful farm-style kitchen.  We played games and sat by the fire all day, made a Sunday Roast and played more games.  It was so wonderful to rest like this... I didn't realize how much I needed it.  We have come home feeling so exhausted - I think because we really started to unwind.  Just wish we had had more time.

This weekend was the Instagram online auction for Lorraine and I was so stoked to have had signal, intermittent at times but I loved every moment of the bidding.  It was so exciting, right to the very end.  My piece, Eternal Sisters was bid on and is ready to be shipped to it's new home, in Utah.  I'm so blown away by the spirit of generosity I witnessed!  Wow!  I also managed to bid on some items and they will be heading my way at some stage!  So glad I could do my bit for this incredible lady!

I didn't do any art over the long weekend away.  We got home on Monday afternoon, which was a bank holiday and in among doing heaps of laundry and unpacking, I managed to work on this piece.  I also managed to package up some paintings that are being shipped this week.  

I started this piece in FullCircleWorkshop - it was our Mandala Homework.
My piece was a bit unconventional because my mandala was more secondary.  I knew I wanted to finish her at some stage.  I'm still working on her, so I will share more later.  But I'm adoring her look and her strong face.  She had a bit of a Greek mythology vibe to her but her new look has a guardian feel to her and all in all this piece is just feeling much more finished!  I think she may be becoming one of my favs.


  1. What a wonderful weekend. Thanks for sharing. Ooohhhh I so love this piece. Your work is so amazing - ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Are you using oil or acrylic now? ❌⭕️❌❌

    1. thank you my friend... we had such a good time away. This is acrylic. Since Italy in 2012 I've been solely using Acrylics and have fallen in love with them but recently I have been messing around with my oils again and I love it. I'm a much different oil painter than I was before... Thank you for your encouraging words.

  2. Sounds like an idyllic weekend! With school holidays around the corner hopefully more rest and relaxation is on the cards.

    1. I hope so! Next year we should do the Greyton again. I couldn't believe it was 2 years ago that we did it and stayed at Zebra Moon - I thought it was last year :-)