Sunday, 29 June 2014

#InMyStudio - My Madonna - Lost in Roses!

It was supposed to be a journal exercise to loosen up.  I didn't find it loose at all - not my first few sessions anyway - it was only when I lost my way completely that I managed to let go... and find the freedom to loosen up!

 No matter how many times I thought she was done, she kept calling me back.  She was originally lost in the Roses but now she was lost to the Roses and I wanted her and me to get lost in the roses again!  I am chuffed to say, I don't get frightened when I completely loose my way anymore and have to scrap back and gesso over and begin to find my girl again.  I almost love how she always seems to comes back to me... And funny enough I seem to love her much more each time.  Maybe it has to do with all those layers.

Here is my #evolutionofapainting... "A Madonna - Lost in the Roses"

So I covered her completely with gesso and managed to pull back some of her face, a rather new look to her before I headed to bed a bit dejected!  All I was left with, was that I loved her mouth!  But that's all I needed (sounds a little like hope to me).   I went to bed with her on my mind and woke with her there too - I knew exactly how I was going to finish her.

 The layers, the etching and her sweet roses...  I'm not sure if my photo does her justice but she's incredible in real life.  You can see the deep layers to her and when I hold the paper, it feels so precious.  For me it's always in the layers.  I don't know why I forget this.  It's the layers and the calling back that I seem to go deeper and find a bit more about myself and a bit more courage and a bit more skill!  Even if it's just for me... it's in these deeper places I seem to let go of the tightness and find the freedom to experiment, to play and to take chances and see what will come.  And I have to say I'm loving get lost there!  She seems to be expressing a sense of peace and freedom to me too.

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