Sunday, 8 June 2014

#InMyStudio - OpenBookJournal Fun

This was the first page in my OpenBookJournal... from FullCircleWorkshop.  Well it's kind of a journal but all my pages are still loose.  The idea of an OpenBookJournal - is just fun, loose and creative play!  I wish I found journal play easy - but I tend to overwork it.  Or take my pieces to finished and perfect.  I had been thinking about this piece all weekend that I wanted to continue playing in it and perhaps adding some color and just playing with more loose ideas.

In hindsight - I could have left her here - I love it!
And love the looseness of the roses and leaves.
Sometimes, it's hard to know when to stop.  Part of me wanted to cover the words more.
So I kept on adding...

I love the clearness of her face. And the drama of her veil/hair.
Even though it changed quite a lot... I'm still having so much fun!

This is where I ended off.  I ended up trimming my canvas to this size - 14"x16" and not sticking to the journal... but let's see how my openbookjournal evolves.
She's more of a finished piece as opposed to a loose creative journal page... but I still love her and I still had lots of fun with this piece.  I love that she's different for me.
Not sure if the photo justifies it but she's rather striking in real life.

More valuable lessons tonight... knowing when to stop... together with playing with neo's, gesso and the freedom to play creatively!


  1. It is hard to know when to stop. I struggle with that same thing. She is lovely. The women you paint look so strong. I love the delicate pinks against the gray...such a nice color combination!

    1. thank you Lisa. Without realizing it - there is something in me that always wants to finish off a piece, perfectly! But I'm trying to hold back on doing that more. Sometimes the real beauty is in the partially finished piece... Thank you for your lovely words.

  2. Your work is beautiful! The women's faces are strong and powerful, yet delicate enough. You inspire me!