Thursday, 5 June 2014

#InMyStudio - Finishing Dreaming of Orvieto

Artworks are never finished, only abandoned - da Vinci

This piece is quite symbolic for me.
Finishing this piece after almost 2 years, feels good. Because it's coming "full-circle" - it's where I first started almost 2 years ago after I got back from Italy with Misty and the gang.
And it's almost time to head back there to be with Misty and the gang.
What I loved about the evolution of this piece, is that at the end of each session, it felt kind of complete, in a sense.  I also love how her eyes changed at each new stage... 
But for now she's drying and in this weather that might take about 2 to 3 weeks.


  1. she is beautiful! did you finish her with oils? the hair & softness into the background looks like oil to me. i am secretly a bit jealous of your trip to italy, but…i'm excited for you & to see photos so i can live through your experience. xo

    1. yes, she was started in oils, so I finished her this way too. It was before I learnt how to use Acrylics (I know it's strange that I learnt in an opposite way), pulling out my oils again after almost year years has been rather delightful because I'm using them in a completely different way! I'm so excited about going back to Italy this time, because I'm at such a different place as a person and with my art... I know my last trip was def the start of something. Wish you were coming with!