Wednesday, 14 January 2015

#1FaceaDay.... week 2

 So I've still managed to stick to #1FaceaDay for the second week and I must say I'm thoroughly enjoying it.  Because we were on holiday and doing things together as a family - I haven't had studio time but stealing these moments to create these faces has been awesome for me.  I'm allowing myself to try different things.  I'm working in art journals - something I never really do.  I am using reference books for inspiration, something I haven't done for a while too... but most of all... I'm having fun!  Which is always good for the soul.  But I'm looking forward to setting out a chunk of studio time... these little faces are definitely inspiring me.

I am still loving how different they all are.

I've been pouring through Misty's beautiful Unfurling art book and it's been such a source of inspiration to me (yet again).  It's good going back to basics.  I started this one on the left, while we were camping and I used my stabilo allmarks and a wetwipe on a little canvas board.  When I got home - I added some black and white gesso.  I love her.
I am loving working in Stabilo and Gesso.

Considering I'm not a huge ArtJournal fan - I have 3 books filling up and I'm falling in love with them.

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