Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Being intentional.... 1FaceaDay for 365 days...

I've been wanting to focus on living intentionally this year.
Working on purpose and with a plan.
When we were in Italy some of us discussed doing 1FaceaDay for 365 days.
Overwhelming, just a tad!!!
But the closer we got to the 1st of January - the more everyone said no.
I was feeling so 'meh' around the end of the year - I was feeling like whatever.

Then Annie messaged me on the 1st saying - let's do it.
And I felt a little leap in my belly and said OK!
I didn't realize that perhaps I did actually want to do it, maybe subconsciously.
And believe it or not, we are already on day 7.
Showing up every day - even if it's for 10 minutes - wow!!!
 I'm loving that!!!

I'm painting on whatever is lying around on my studio desk... 
from lovely old clothing tags, scraps of canvas'', to pieces of un-glazed pottery to my journal pages.  Sometimes I'm using a reference book to paint from and other times not.
Sometimes using a pencil and gesso, or just one color and gesso or just graphite.
I want it to be as free and as loose as possible.

They all feel so different!  And I just love that!


  1. These faces are so beautiful, sweet girl! Such an awesome project- I can't wait to see how it unfolds through the year!

    1. thank you my friend - it's definitely interesting. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't. But either way I think it will push me into new things.