Sunday, 4 January 2015

Finding Rest... in play

taking time out in and around our beautiful town...

First real beach day and it was perfect - it's all I have wanted to do...
 is sit in this stunning place.
Llandudno beach...

amazing skies

Vida coffee breaks mandatory

Had an one of my best body boarding sessions ever with this beauty.

Because my aim this year is to live intentionally - I counted every wave I caught!  It was truly incredible.  Each wave mattered.  

#9 was the best wave I've ever caught and #11 was hilarious cos Kitty and I were on the same wave and somehow I landed on her back.  #13 was awesome because we held hands while riding our wave.

I will remember this day for a very long time.

After our surf play - we headed up to the Tiger Milk Bar and Restaurant for lunch.
When last have you seen a Kudu on the wall... I loved the deco of this place.
So many aspects of it reminded me of my childhood.

How epic is this wall and Corks long hair... wowser.
which automatically prompted a photoshoot with us girls.
Fun times... have loved these days.

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