Sunday, 25 January 2015

News and going on's...

It was back to school and back to reality last week... 

There was such great excitement in the house with Kitty going to high school.
I loved seeing the girls in the same uniform - it has been a long time since we have seen that.  But as exciting as last week was... being back at school has already changed the pace at home... and I'm trying to keep things on the down low.

A little #TeaBagGirl
#45 of #100faces and
#23 of #1FaceaDay

And keeping it simple.
I still haven't had proper studio time yet since about November last year.
I needed a break and rest but I'm needing to get back and finish some big pieces.

I'm not enjoying my new studio space that much.
It's just so hot in there and it's also messing up my paints.
The heat is causing the paint to get sticky, stoggy and dry instantly.
I'm trying not to get frustrated or upset.
So for now I'm just sticking to my 10mins to 30mins on my 1faceaday.  I'm going to see what I can do during the week to make things a bit better for me.

Beautiful MistyMawnArt

In the last week my international post has started trickling in.... I'm so excited.
Now I am just waiting for my beautiful Renee Plains paintings to arrive and one other small post item to come through.  I love nothing more than receiving beautiful parcels.
Happy dance... that being said - I have a few of my own to send out now that our postal service is back up and running (well almost).

This weekend was jam packed - I don't cope well with that level of busyness.
On Saturday I literally left the house by 9am and got back home at midnight.
And Sunday was 9am to 6.30pm... being a true blue introvert - that's a tough weekend for me.  The other thing that I've been making an effort with is exercise.
I'm being intentional about getting some hours in.  I'm terribly unfit.  It will be a slow recovery to get fit again.  I was in a bad state of stiffness last week.  But I am hoping I will start seeing some results soon.

Let's hope the new week will be gentler on me.