Saturday, 31 January 2015

Yahoooooo I made it to 31 - I came screeching in one day late!!! Eeccck.

I would like to say I 100% showed up every single day but some days I just couldn't.  But I'm chuffed to say that mostly... I did.

Life isn't always on my side especially with that little thing called {time}.  And I'm doing a lot of different things this year.... like writing again, training, working and obviously 2 girls in high school.  And January seemed to move so fast... too fast.

But I'm working tight and hectically with my diary to help me manage each day best I can.

Wow but what a journey this month was with this project - I'm learning much, trying new and different things to keep it interesting and to keep myself growing.  Trying to keep it simple, uncomplicated and free.  And if nothing else - I have walked away with 31 new pieces... big and small.

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