Monday, 11 May 2015

A beautiful vision through our Postal Nightmares

Last year October, when I got back from Italy, our postal service had the worst strike that we have ever seen, which to me was such a foolish act of defiance and stupidity on both parties as this step has virtually bankrupt this vital public service.   To me, this services is a basics need that every country has to have.  If this service falls away - I do believe it can cripple our country in a way that it may never recover from.  The amount of companies that use this service and the amount of people who connect with their families this way - is way bigger than anyone realises.

I have been waiting for some things from my sweet friends, Renee, Jenny, Camilla and Suzanne, just the ones I know about for over 7 months.

 I ordered these incredible prints from my dear friend, Robin Laws a month or two ago - forgetting that nothing is coming through customs - but to my shock they arrived last week.  And for the first time in 7 months I am feeling hopeful that perhaps the postal service is working through their backlog at customs.  Getting my packages out of the country have been okay and seems to be 100% back on track.

Living in hope.

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