Sunday, 17 May 2015

I will send up Prayer Balloons for you, Special One

I started painting this one when we were all praying so much for Beautiful Lorraine.

I loved the symbolism of the prayer balloons.
I didn't have the courage to finish it at the time... 
It was a lot of work and maybe on a subconscious level,  I was afraid what that would mean.
But this last week, I finally found the courage... 

I am still completely in love with this piece.
I love this mighty woman so much...

I just love the wisdom in her face.  The knowing in her eyes.  The grace in her hands.  And the love in her heart as she appears to be standing above the earth.  All along she's felt a little prophetic to me.

I've put this piece in my Etsy shop.
We can't contain love and keep it for ourselves.

I pray this piece goes to a beautiful new home.


  1. this is such a beautiful piece and the origin of her even more so...the love you feel for your sweet friend, lorraine is evident in each brushstroke here. brava!

    1. thank you lovely friend. Thanks for the lovely chat last night! Thinking about you so much <3.

      This piece is so close to my heart. <3