Sunday, 10 May 2015

Mother's Day silliness... and love.

The thing I adore about my girls - is how playful and funny they are.
Their teasing, game playing and laughing are keeping me young and relevant.  When they find new apps - I download it too with them and we all play together.  We make silly video clips and take crazy pictures.  I want to keep up with them as much as I humanly can.  I know one day the gap will be too big to close but for now,  I love that they are so game to include me in the shenanigans.

I had a gentle mother's day.  I'm not into the fan fair of commercially driven days but if the day is about just for a moment acknowledging something - I do love the sentiment.  I have loved being a Momma, more than anything I have ever done.   I'm not sure I could have mothered just anyone and been good at it.  But these two, who I believe have been given specifically to me - have brought out the absolute best in me and they are two of the most incredible things I've ever done.

That together with being so grateful for my own Momma.  I know she is the biggest part of who I am today.  I have really been blessed with the amount of input I've had from incredible woman through the different seasons of my life.  I hope that I continue to have this gift as we move through the new seasons of our lives.  And I long for my girls to have that incredible gift too.  What greater gift is there to be loved and adored, nurtured and matured, supported and inspired to help us to be better versions of ourselves through the journey of our lives.  And if there is one thing I do know, it's a journey we can't do alone!

After a slow start to the day....
We headed out to brekkie with my brother, who was in town, again (such a beautiful treat for me). 
And then had a quiet day at home as Digby was packing for his next big adventure out of town. 
Grateful heart.

My baby brother, 3 years my junior!
I have always adored him.

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