Sunday, 31 May 2015

Weekend Love...

I still can't believe it's the end of May and we are nose diving straight into June.
I had some work to do, to finish my May #1FaceADay challenge.

June also means it's Digs birthday.
And as a family, we love to celebrate each other's lives.
And we were celebrating early this year because the girls are writing exams, going on camp.
And the weeks are too busy for late night celebrations.  Nothing big but just intimate moments.
We planned a dinner out together for Saturday night.  It was part of Digz gift.  What a treat.
We spoke a lot, laughed a lot.  And had a beautiful dinner.
Sacred and cherished moments.
I never need time away from these girls.
They pretty cool people to hang out with.... teenagers 'n all.
Kitty asked Digz what he wanted for his birthday and he asked her to make a him a cake.
Which was right up Kitty's alley.  She went big!
I think it was honestly the most spectacular cake she's ever made.

Death by Chocolate
I had so much fun with my printed cards this weekend and with my Etsy shop.
Thank you soooo much for the love and support.
One happy girl, this side of the world!!!

All my little packages are ready to ship out!
With much love and extra treats!!!


Sunday Kitty and I went clothes shopping for her impending camp.
Always fun to take my baby girl out!  She's so darling!  She's really at the age where clothes are making her so happy!  It's really in the small things.

As for me - I found myself some uber extra soft patterned tights!
Yupppp I guess I'm the same - it's totally in the small things!
Happy girls!

We had a full but gentle weekend!
Bring on next week so we can wrap up those exams.

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