Saturday, 16 May 2015

Job'sTears, The GoldFinch and QuirkyLove

 I love these grey beads.  I didn't know they were called Job's Tears... did you?  They are a simple grey bead and a very big part of my childhood.  My beautiful Momma wore them through my childhood and we always used to play with her grey beads.  You can pick up up on every street corner in Durban, where I spent most of my childhood.  I usually send a string of these beads out with my parcels and paintings, a bit of my world.  And last week Misty together with Kathy, both received theirs.  Who both told they were called Job's Tears - I love that I learnt that this week.  I received a message from Misty saying a lady at her local coffee shop asked her where she got hers and when she told her, she told Misty she was also from SA. I just loved that... love the connection.  That story made my day.  I can't wait to send more out.
I love this painting.
Which was the basis of the book, The GoldFinch, that I finished this week.
Have you read it?  The thread that ran through was one of sadness and that of a wasted life.
But I loved the dialogue and thought processes very much.
I had no idea what the story was about and that it was indirectly about art.

On Friday night when I was waiting to fetch Digs from the Airport,
I sat by the fire, whilst watching Big Eyes just scribbling with my pen and white paint.
A simply beautiful way to unwind.

Last night I watched Words and Pictures.
Both art movies - both excellent.  I recommend.

It was good to do some laid back things this weekend.  After such a heavy few months.
I also spent most of Saturday sleeping.  Oh heavens - it was beautiful.
I even got on top of my monster washing pile.

I feel like I'm past a lot of my heavy work schedule and life mayhem and easing into a new place.
I'm hoping I will find time on my side so I can really get stuck into my course materials and studio.
Feeling really excited.

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